Combination of secrecy and the recent PMA & ILWU propaganda memos, has the waterfront rumor mill in high gear.

Because the ILWU has chosen to keep what they are doing a secret from their membership, including their caucus delegates, the workers have been forced to get their information from their Employers, and the self-proclaimed rumor captains.

There are members who are using the situation to whip up the rank and file because they are running for office in a few weeks, and they know if they put on a good show they are all but guaranteed re-election.

Dean mcGrath, Local 23 President, has broken from the pact not to talk to the press and done several interviews.

Looks like Dean likes the $167,000 that he is getting paid, and has decided to jump in to help the negotiators and make himself look good to his membership. He is acting like he has aspirations for higher offices in the Union, based on who he is hanging with and what he is saying.

Bobby Olvera Jr., Local 13 President, has been going to the dispatch hall to whip up the troops and make himself look good to his membership. He is up for re-relction in March 2015.

Bobby is telling the rank and file that PMA is acting badly, disrespecting their negotiators, and that PMA walked away from the table and is refusing to bargain.

So far, rumors being spread on the docks include:

PMA demanding that members pay 20% of the cost of the medical benefits.

Employers demanding manning reductions.

No pay increase being offered.

Employers demanding elimination of some safety rules.

It is interesting that the members accept what ever they are told as the truth and all say they are ready to strike, but not one can say what their strike issue is.

Seems to me that the ILWU at least owes it to their members to explain what the issues are and adhere to their own founding principle to give the members all the information and they will do the right thing.

This mornings rumor is that next week the Employers are going to only order 1 gang per ship.

If that is the case, at least PMA will no longer be able to blame the ILWU for the slowdown.

Happy New Year to both sides, now git er done.



ILWU turns what should be crunch time into amateur hour, with latest “news release.”

Today just before noon, the ILWU responded to PMA’s request for federal mediation.


Big Bob’s big move is to ask to negotiate with the PMA Board of Directors. Wow.

Does he not understand that in the world of big time negotiations; they field their team and you field yours?

Which one of the Directors would he like to talk with, because they will all say the same thing as their representative, Jim McKenna?

Does he not get it? The message will be the same no matter who delivers it.

Time for the PMA to get on with it, unless they want to dance with Big Bob for 2 years like the Grain Employers.

Unfortunately, apparently PMA is content to play footsy with the ILWU, based on their response to the above news release.


PMA can renew their call for Federal Mediation till the cows come home, it ain’t going to happen.

PMA Employers are still making lots on money and so are the longshoremen.

What will it take to get PMA to make the next move, and implement or lockout and bring this to conclusion?

Implementation, sounds very reasonable based on PMA’s “no takeaways” robust compensation package.

What are they waiting for? Permission from the ILWU?



Eddie Flores, darling of the Port of Tacoma, is in the news again. This time for a NLRB Complaint based on his internet rule.

On Christmas eve, the NLRB delivered a 3 part Consolidated Complaint against Local 23, Port of Tacoma, Washington.

NLRB Consolidated Charges 19-CB-107522 et al

Corrected NLRB Consolidated Charges 19-CB-107522 et al (Includes PMA)

Dean mcGrath can add an NLRB hearing to his list of things to do this June.

We have not forgotten what you did to your “brother” from LA.

Best wishes for the New Year.



How much money is being spent to install computer driven equipment designed to get rid of the ILWU?

The PMA employers will gladly tell everyone who will listen how much money is paid to longshoremen, both in wages and in benefits.

Will the employers tell us how much money is being spent to to install the computer driven equipment?

I bet they are spending billions to save millions. The same old story, lose a little on each sale but make it up in volume.

How much is being added to the cost of transportation because of the money they are spending to get rid of the ILWU?

Why does no one question the “need” to automate the docks?

Seems like a bunch of MBAs hard at work, trying to justify their huge salaries. How much do they make?



The main cause of West Coast transportation disruption is that the contract negotiations are secret.

If the negotiations were not secret, businesses involved would be able to assess risk and make alternative plans, but that is not the way that PMA and the ILWU wanted it.

PMA (The Employers) agreed to keep everything secret.

PMA has let the ILWU dictate the pace and demeanor to the negotiation, because the PMA management does not know what they are doing.

The PMA member companies are screwing their customers by choosing to deny them the information they need to conduct business. It is no wonder they are pissed off.

The Wall Street Journal has now jumped into the fray, claiming the ILWU is stealing Christmas.

With out the PMA’s assistance the ILWU would not be doing what they are doing.

We will have to wait to see what Big Bob has in mind, because PMA has nothing, nada, zip.

How about a change at the top of PMA?



NLRB delivers a nice early Christmas present. Settlement on 3 Local 23 meritorius Charges, or a Consolidated Complaint.

NLRB Region 19 gave Local 23 until Wednesday to agree to settle 3 charges on which they found merit, if not they plan to issue a consolidated Complaint.

The charges date to June 2013 and involve Local 23’s refusal to dispatch a member of Local 13 (LA/LB) to Pacific Rail Services, a non-PMA rail ramp in the Port of Tacoma.

Nice early Christmas present NLRB.



Mark, Mondo, and Bobby say ILWU Officers can say anything they want to other ILWU Officers, including women.

Mark Williams claims that Union Officers in a Union meeting can say anything they want to other Officers, with impunity.

Mark, Mondo, and Bobby claim the laws of the land do not apply in Union meetings, because that is the way it has always been.

Sadly, Mark Williams is right, because no one is going to challenge him or the Union.

Mark Williams is already bragging that they beat Vivian down, and she has dropped her recall petition related to him mimicking masturbating while calling her names during the September 25th Executive Board Meeting.

Can ILWU Officers really say anything they want to other ILWU Officers, including women?

We shall see. Time for us to start punching.

This is not going away Mark.

Open letter to Local 13 Executive Board from Vivian



More Bobby O Jr. lies in the form of Local 13 Bulletin #36-14.

Looks like when Local 13 President Bobby O Jr. is not putting his mother’s babysitters on ghost payrolls he is writing more of his lies and publishing them in the form of a Bulletin.

Bobby you do not get to unilaterally decide to stop dispatching qualified crane drivers to 100 jobs per day, then claim PMA is cutting orders.

The Employers offered to go back to 2 men per transtainer, in order to get qualified crane drivers, but Bobby said no, not until there is a contract.

What even makes this more ironic is that Bobby O was never crane trained, he just had one of his daddy’s buddies at PMA add it to his card.

Bobby O has lied about every aspect of his education, his military service, and his transfer to Local 13. Now he is peddling his latest lies about why the Port is congested.

If you believe anything in Local 13’s latest bulletin, I have a bridge I’d like to sell you.

Local 13 Bulletin #36-14   Bobby O’s facebook lies



Can the ILWU & PMA negotiate their way out of a wet paper bag? We are about to find out.

It dawned on me while eating my Thanksgiving kosher turkey, maybe no information about what is being discussed in San Francisco is leaking out, because they are not talking about anything.

It is like they are sitting around trying to pick fly shit out of pepper.

What could they possibly be talking about, that is so complicated, that they have been unable to figure it out in the last 6 months?

Either they are really good at keeping secrets, if so that is impressive, or they are actually talking about nothing.

Well, the paper bag is wet, and they are back negotiating again today.

Come on boys, git er done.