Big Baby and Rich Austin settled. Only Seattle gets a letter from the CLRC. Guess an injury to one is no longer an injury to all.

Check out the settlement posting that will be up for 120 days in Seattle.

Rich agreed to stop bad mouthing the NLRB and telling longshoremen not to go “outside.”

Big Baby agreed to send every longshoreman, including casuals, in the Port of Seattle a letter telling them that Section 17.15 does NOT stop workers from going to the NLRB, before exhausting the grievance procedures of the PCLCD.

ONLY Seattle, Big Baby and his stooges Frank Ponce de Leon and Cam Williams plan to keep telling the rest of the ILWU that they have to exhaust the contract grievance procedures, so they will be untimely when they try and go to the “outside.”


Or for those who prefer PDF; NLRB Case 19-CB-190139 Settlement posting & NLRB Case 19-CB-190139 & 19-CA-195788 Settlement posting.

Check out the Settlement Agreement if you are interested in the details of the mailing of the CLRC letter to everyone in Seattle; SET.19-CB-190139.joint settlement agreement 10-19-17 v4-2

It is official. An injury to one is no longer an injury to all.

Thanks Big Baby.

Ask yourself; if the Union is willing to withhold this information about Secton 17.15, what else are they not telling you?

A lot.

Ask for the JPLRC Minutes and see for yourself.