“Judge Roy Bean” Miller is back at it again.

Seems like ILWU/PMA Southern California Area Arbitrator David Miller aka “Judge Roy Bean” is worried about the fact that Eric was elected as one of the 10 Local 13 Caucus Delegates.

Why would Miller call Eric’s representative, Andy, and ask if Eric is still off work and then upon hearing that he is, say that it is time to put him back to work claiming concern about Eric’s medical benefits being lost?

Yes, “Judge Roy Bean” Miller called Andy and told him it was time to put Eric back to work, and suggested a meeting should be held so the JPLRC could agree he has done enough time off, and put him back to work.

Looks to me like Miller is worried about the fact that Eric is now a Caucus Delegate and in a position to ask why the ILWU and PMA refused to implement the agreement from 2008 that calls for the Area Arbitrators to be replaced by “neutral professional” Arbitrators for hearing Section 13 Discrimination cases, like those where he gave Eric 2 years off work.

How do you agree to replace the Industry Arbitrators with “neutral professionals” in 2008, then do nothing because you cannot agree on how to find the “neutral professionals” that you agreed to hire? Guess no one told the ILWU or PMA about the American Arbitration Association.

If either the PMA or the Union was being adversely affected by decisions like Miller’s in Eric’s case, they would have been replaced 6 years ago.

The ILWU and PMA have done nothing because they are not being adversely affected, and the hook is not hanging.

That is what pathetic leadership looks like, on both sides of the table.

When Andy asked Bobby for a meeting to discuss what Miller had suggested, Bobby said that he had called Miller with 4 witnesses (unnamed) in the office and Miller denied that he called Andy to suggest Eric be put back to work. Just as we expected.

This is more interesting now because Local 13 announced at a Executive Board Meeting that they were allowing longshoremen on no-dispatch to work during the period of no contract with PMA.

The ILWU and PMA continue to have JPLRC meetings and are able to conduct training, while allowing longshoremen on no-dispatch to work, without a contract.

Wonder what Judge Roy Bean Miller will do next?

Probably what ever he feels like, just like Bobby O Jr. and the rest of the Local 13 Officers.



If you like the recent PNW Grain Agreement, then you will love the new Local 13 TraPac Dock Automation Agreement.

Bobby O Jr. is telling everyone that will listen that he has negotiated the new Dock Automation Agreement with TraPac, and it is super.

Yes, it is a super agreement, and like all super agreements it is secret.

Bobby keeps telling everyone how great his new dock deal is, but he will not discuss the details, like how many men the Union lost as a result of the computer automation that TraPac is implementing.

We are hearing it is a great deal for the clerks and the foremen, but we have not heard how it is great for the longshoremen who have been replaced by robots.

Come on Bobby, tell us how beautiful the Emperor’s new cloths are, because to us he looks naked.

If you signed the agreement, and your members are working under it, why is it not available in Ray’s office?


According to the bulletin, “The Union received a complete ‘operating procedure’ for automated operations that include additional safety protocols for ILWU Mechanics, Longshoremen, Marine Clerks and Foreman. Every item the Union was fighting for was attained; this is a great achievement for the ILWU.”

Why does the Union refuse to give a copy of the safety protocols to the longshoremen who will be working the operation? Isn’t that a safety violation?

More of Bobby O Jr.’s secrets, lies and deceptions?

Come on Bobby, give us the details.



What’s up with Bobby O Jr.’s ranting and raving about the “Oath”?

Which oath are you talking about Bobby?

The bullshit oath you all take not to discuss what happens in your secret union meetings?

What the problem is, Bobby?

Why are you running your mouth about “getting” the person who is taking to me?

Are you worried about your precious secrets getting out?

Bobby, there are no secrets on the waterfront. I have lots of friends who talk to me, they always have, and they always will.

You should be more worried about the fact that 50% of the members that signed the Recall Petition to recall Mark Williams, are not members in good standing.

50% of the members have outstanding fines or assessments and they were allowed to vote in the Fall Elections, but they were not allowed to sign a recall petition 1 month later, because they were not members in good standing.

You have the biggest case of election fraud in the history of unions, and you are worried about who talks to me.

You have 2 definitions of a member in good standing.

A member in good standing, for voting purposes, only has to have their dues paid up.

A member in good standing, for all other purposes including training, transfers, traveling, double out cards, and signing a recall petition, has to have their dues, fines and assessments paid up.

If you really wanted members to vote, you would simply mail them ballots, like my union SEIU 775 does.

You do not want all the members to vote, you only want a small group of members most of whom have unpaid fines and assessments to vote, because that is how you keep your clique in power.

Bobby, in order for an oath to have meaning you have to have integrity and honesty, and you have neither.

Stop ranting about who is talking to me, and start listening to what the people who are talking to me are saying.

Bobby, stop with the witch hunts, and clean up your act.



Casual Dispatch Hall/Scab Wear Outlet? What are Ungie and Scrub up to?

Jessie “Ungie” Lopez, Local 13 Casual Hall Dispatcher, claimed that Scrub was at the Casual Hall to visit some family members.

Right, he was there behind the glass handing out jobs, decked out in his knock off scab wear, so he could say hello to some of his family members.

How much of a kick back are you getting Jessie?

It must be a whole lot, because you seem to be willing to risk your Dispatcher job for it.

Jessie, you let Mondo use the microphone. At first you denied it, then you down played it, and finally you admitted it.

Big Bob ordered the Vice-President election to be re-run because Mondo broke the rule that says only Union Officers on official union business are allowed at the Casual Dispatch Hall.

Try and argue your “visiting family” excuse at your up coming Trial Committee hearing, see what it gets you.

You say clown like it’s bad thing.

Clowns make the world go round.



Who vets the Mayor of Long Beach’s citizen commissioner appointments?

Looks like a $50,000 contribution to the Mayor of Long Beach bought Bobby O Jr. and Local 13, several citizen commissioner appointments.

Bobby O Jr., called the Mayor of Long Beach and requested some longshoremen be appointed to some of the City’s commissions, and presto the Mayor’s Office requests a list of names from the President of ILWU Local 13.

According to the email sent from Mayor Robert Garcia to Devin Cotter, Local 13 Secretary/Treasurer Mark Williams is being appointed to the Pacific Gateway Workforce Investment Board apparently to represent labor as a representative of ILWU Local 13 and allegedly as a Delegate with the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor.

Problem is that the ILWU is not part of the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, and Mark Williams is not now and has never served as their Delegate.

The memo fails to mention that Mark Williams is under investigation by the DOL for filing false and misleading LM-2 reports and is in the middle of being recalled for his venomous sexually harassing attack against one of the female members of Local 13’s Executive Board at recent meeting. The secretaries at Local 13 refer to themselves as the Battered Wife’s Club, because of the way Mark treats them in the office.

Mark Williams is a pathetic abuser, who would not know the truth if it hit him between the eyes. He will not make a very good representative for the City.

Hopefully the Mayor will consider this before the 5pm meeting tonight.

Jerry Avila, Local 13 Health Benefits Officer, has already been appointed, and is due to be sworn in at 5pm tonight .

Jerry is under investigation by the DOL and the FBI for insurance fraud allegedly related to kick backs and activity related to a medical facility he owned that did business as Harbor View Medical Group.

Who vets the Mayor’s appointments?



What is going on at the Local 13 Casual Dispatch Hall?

What are Bobby O Jr.’s buddies up to at the Casual Dispatch Hall?

Jessie “Ungie” Lopez, the Casual Dispatcher, is letting Jerry “Scrub” Sanchez participate in dispatching and allowing him to pass out jobs.

Jessie knows better. Jessie knows that Big Bob just ruled; “It is without dispute that Local 13 has a rule that only union officers on official union business are permitted at the Casual Dispatch Hall.”

Is Jessie getting a kick back from “Scrub” selling his scab wear knock off Local 13 hats and shirts out of the Casual Dispatch Hall?

Scrub has no reason, other than to sell his scab wear, to be at the Casual Dispatch Hall.

It would not surprise me at all to find that Bobby O Jr. is getting a kick back from his buddy Scrub’s Local 13 scab wear.

Knock it off boys, before you get in big trouble.



What really happened at last weeks emergency Local 13 Executive Board meeting.

It has come to my attention that the main topic of last weeks emergency Local 13 Executive Board meeting was my little website, and how I get my information.

Bobby O and his “crew” made it clear that they are upset about the information my website presents, and barked claims that those who talk to me are destroying the union. At one point during the conversation Bobby stated that they would find out who was talking to me, and they would “demonize” who ever it is in front of the membership. The kiss of political death for who ever that is.

Bobby, in case you have not figured it out; there are no secrets on the waterfront, and your threats will no longer stop people from talking.

In the last 2 weeks this little website had over 10,000 page views, from over 1,800 unique visitors, who are interested in the truth.

All we are doing is holding up a mirror, if Local 13’s Officers don’t like what you see, don’t blame us.

Get your act together.



Did you know Jerry Avila was part owner of a Chiropractic Clinic called Harbor View Medical Group?

The latest buzz on Jerry Avila, Local 13 Health Benefits Officer, is that he was part owner of a Chiropractic Clinic in San Pedro called Harbor View Medical Group, but he shut it down after his wife found out about his girlfriend’s boob job and tummy tuck.

People reading about Jerry are starting to come forward with stories about his strong arm tactics related to his chiropractic business. Juicy stories that can’t be told quite yet, but will come out soon.

There are other longshoremen who own chiropractic clinics, but they are not Health Benefits Officers and as far as we know did not strong arm other clinics.

That may change as we heard that chiropractic was eliminated in the new Benefits Agreement based on the amount of fraud under the old Agreement.

What you going to do, when they come for you, Jerry?



Jerry Avila, what were you thinking giving your wife’s ID to your girlfriend for a boob job?

The buzz on the waterfront today is that Jerry Avila, Local 13 Health Benefits Officer, gave his wife’s ID to his girlfriend and used his contacts in the Medical community to get her a boob job and tummy tuck.

Apparently his wife found out and turned him in for medical fraud, on her way out the door.


Do you think your buddy Bobby O can get you out of this one?

If not maybe he will call Pasha and have you added to the payroll?

There are no secrets on the waterfront.



There is no crying in baseball, but there is in Local 13 Executive Board meetings.

At last night’s Executive Board meeting, after Vivian’s husband left the drama queens came out in full regalia.

Vivian presented a letter under new business, addressing her concerns related to the way the E-Board does business in general and her concerns related to her treatment by Mark Williams at the last meeting.

That’s when the fur started to fly.

Sunshine started crying while claiming that Vivian was ruining the union and being selfish and self centered. Then as if on cue, Melody “Melon” broke out in tears and claimed Vivian is trying to get ahead by taking out the “fine” Secretary/Treasurer, and Julie Brady added her tears to the bucket, crying and complaining that it is so hard to be neutral, while watching Vivian ruin the status quo in the good old boy’s club.

Scotty Walker got so worked up he started strutting around swinging his man purse while complaining that Vivian took the union’s business to the internet and the E-Board is going to file charges against her because of the Facebook and website postings related to Mark’s “passionate” sexual harassment.

Classic abuser behavior of blaming the victim, then claiming to the be the victim themselves, combined with tears and personal attacks.

The funny thing is, the dumb shits think their pathetic tactics will work.

Ask Bobby “Kardashian” to see his Facebook posts from the night of the last Union meeting, in the bar at 1am with his girlfriend. Real Presidential Bobby. Bobbyphoto.php

Not this time boys. There is no crying at Executive Board meetings.

Go Vivian, go……

Sign the petition, if you have not.

No More Silence. No More Violence. Check out nomore.org

Stop the violence toward women on the waterfront.