If you like the recent PNW Grain Agreement, then you will love the new Local 13 TraPac Dock Automation Agreement.

Bobby O Jr. is telling everyone that will listen that he has negotiated the new Dock Automation Agreement with TraPac, and it is super.

Yes, it is a super agreement, and like all super agreements it is secret.

Bobby keeps telling everyone how great his new dock deal is, but he will not discuss the details, like how many men the Union lost as a result of the computer automation that TraPac is implementing.

We are hearing it is a great deal for the clerks and the foremen, but we have not heard how it is great for the longshoremen who have been replaced by robots.

Come on Bobby, tell us how beautiful the Emperor’s new cloths are, because to us he looks naked.

If you signed the agreement, and your members are working under it, why is it not available in Ray’s office?


According to the bulletin, “The Union received a complete ‘operating procedure’ for automated operations that include additional safety protocols for ILWU Mechanics, Longshoremen, Marine Clerks and Foreman. Every item the Union was fighting for was attained; this is a great achievement for the ILWU.”

Why does the Union refuse to give a copy of the safety protocols to the longshoremen who will be working the operation? Isn’t that a safety violation?

More of Bobby O Jr.’s secrets, lies and deceptions?

Come on Bobby, give us the details.