“Judge Roy Bean” Miller is back at it again.

Seems like ILWU/PMA Southern California Area Arbitrator David Miller aka “Judge Roy Bean” is worried about the fact that Eric was elected as one of the 10 Local 13 Caucus Delegates.

Why would Miller call Eric’s representative, Andy, and ask if Eric is still off work and then upon hearing that he is, say that it is time to put him back to work claiming concern about Eric’s medical benefits being lost?

Yes, “Judge Roy Bean” Miller called Andy and told him it was time to put Eric back to work, and suggested a meeting should be held so the JPLRC could agree he has done enough time off, and put him back to work.

Looks to me like Miller is worried about the fact that Eric is now a Caucus Delegate and in a position to ask why the ILWU and PMA refused to implement the agreement from 2008 that calls for the Area Arbitrators to be replaced by “neutral professional” Arbitrators for hearing Section 13 Discrimination cases, like those where he gave Eric 2 years off work.

How do you agree to replace the Industry Arbitrators with “neutral professionals” in 2008, then do nothing because you cannot agree on how to find the “neutral professionals” that you agreed to hire? Guess no one told the ILWU or PMA about the American Arbitration Association.

If either the PMA or the Union was being adversely affected by decisions like Miller’s in Eric’s case, they would have been replaced 6 years ago.

The ILWU and PMA have done nothing because they are not being adversely affected, and the hook is not hanging.

That is what pathetic leadership looks like, on both sides of the table.

When Andy asked Bobby for a meeting to discuss what Miller had suggested, Bobby said that he had called Miller with 4 witnesses (unnamed) in the office and Miller denied that he called Andy to suggest Eric be put back to work. Just as we expected.

This is more interesting now because Local 13 announced at a Executive Board Meeting that they were allowing longshoremen on no-dispatch to work during the period of no contract with PMA.

The ILWU and PMA continue to have JPLRC meetings and are able to conduct training, while allowing longshoremen on no-dispatch to work, without a contract.

Wonder what Judge Roy Bean Miller will do next?

Probably what ever he feels like, just like Bobby O Jr. and the rest of the Local 13 Officers.