Once mighty ILWU Walking Bosses have been reduced to working as scab clerks.

It is happening up and down the West Coast. Clerks jobs are being eliminated and Walking Bosses are doing their work.

The robots are not going to eliminate clerks jobs, they already did that themselves.

Greed and laziness is the cause of this problem, not mechanization.

Clerks allowed the hatch clerks jobs to be filled by casuals for so long that some employers offered to buy them out by paying the other clerks 25% to cover the work, and the Clerks went for it.

In Seattle and LA, SSA hasĀ started to require the Walking Bosses to do checking work, and they are agreeing to do it.

What kind of Union men allow the employer to eliminate jobs, then allow management to do the work?

Yes, Walking Bosses are management, and both the Clerks and Longshoremen are allowing them to do clerks work.

Not only are the Walking Bosses allowing their members to do clerks work, they are processing complaints against casual Walking Bosses for clerking errors, and finding them guilty even when they had nothing to do with the missing container.

The NLRB does not recognize the Walking Bosses as a Union, but the PMA and the ILWU do, and they are both using the Bosses to screw with longshoremen working off the SupplementalĀ Bosses Board, now that hours worked count toward getting registered as a Boss.

Greed and laziness killed the Hatch Clerks jobs and the Clerks and Longshoremen sat and did nothing.

This is an example of a self inflicted injury to one, which is an injury to all.

Way to go Local 98 and Local 94, keep up the good work and maybe PMA will give you another big bonus in the contract extension talks.



“Jabba the Hut” Seixus tears down Eric’s fliers, then claims assault.


Big, and I mean really big, John “Jabba the Hut” Seixus decided he had the right to tear down the Walking Boss Shape-up fliers, because he thinks they are offensive.

Jabba made a big scene tearing down the fliers, and wadding them up and throwing them at the dispatchers.

When Eric put his body between Jabba and the fliers, Jabba tried to push him aside using his girth.

Jabba did not know what to do when he could not move Eric aside using his huge belly, so he decided to step back and claim he was assaulted.

Who is going to tell Jabba that he does not have the right to tear down anything, even if he thinks it is offensive.

He can chose not to look at the flier, if he does not like it, but he does not get to tear it down.

Grow up John, and lose some weight.



Local 94 President Danny Miranda upset by Walking Boss Shape-up cartoon, calls for Meeting.

Looks like Local 94 President Danny Miranda is all foreklemptĀ about his on-the-job elevation shape-up being exposed in the following flier distributed last Thursday at the Local 13 Dispatch Hall.

WB Shape-up page 2 copy

Eric - WB Shape-up page 1 copy

Immediately after the flier found it’s way to the Caucus in San Francisco, Danny decided he needed to have a meeting to discuss something that was put into a Letter of Understanding from the 2014 Longshore Contract Negotiations.

2014 LOU Re Walking Boss Supplemental Dispatch copy

Wonder what they will be taking about?