Former Local 23 President, Scott Mason, has a problem with Deano McGrath and his henchman Dave Basher. WOW!

Looks like I am not the only person who has a problem with the way Deano McGrath and Dave Basher are running Local 23.

Check out the letter Scott Mason sent to the Local 23 Trustees, who have “investigated” and determined no wrong doing.

These are the same assholes that are telling Eric that he can’t work in Tacoma, at the NON-PMA rail ramp.

It would be nice if Scott, the guy behind the “rule” being used to deny Eric dispatch to the SIM, would step up and tell Deano and Dave to allow Eric to work at the SIM.

I knew Scott’s dad. He was a good man and I have nothing but fond memories of him and the kindness he extended to me when I first started working on the waterfront.

Thank you for your letter Scott, your dad is smiling down on both of us.

Best wishes for 2018.



Christmas presents like these, from ILWU Local 13, are why workers DO NOT want Unions.

Mark Mendoza, Victor Hudak, Bob McEllrath, and Chris Viramontes ought to feel real proud of themselves for kicking the ILWU’s top activist out of the Union, for Christmas.

The family values of the ILWU are once again trashed by these Grinches, who dare to call themselves Union leaders.

Read for yourselves the letters they gave to this X-ILWU family this Christmas.

Chris Viramontes is trying to hide behind a veil of confidentiality that does not exist. He and his former business partner, Arbitrator Mark Mascola conspired to deregister a member because they did not like his political cartoons. Mascola deregistered a member because he damaged Chris Viramontes reputation.

His reputation? Yes. His reputation.

Look in your PCLCD, and tell me what Section covers reputations.

This is what happens when a member dares to question the current leadership of the ILWU.

This is also why Union membership is dropping and only about 10-20% of the ILWU membership go to Union meetings or vote in Union elections.

This is what you get when your Union is run by a closed Facebook Group of about 1300 morons.

To further add insult to injury Mark Mendoza, Victor Hudak, Bob McEllrath, and Chris Viramontes kicked the member off the Grievance Committee he was elected to, based on flat out lies, and gave him the following letters for Christmas.

It was not enough to deregister the member and then call Local 23 in Tacoma to tell them not to dispatch the man to their non-PMA rail ramp, they are going to kick him off the Committee he was elected to and out of the Union all together.

Does not matter how many free meals you give out, or toys you buy for needy kids, when you treat your own family like this man and his family are being treated by your Union, you are scum and going to hell.

Any self-respecting member who stays quite about this is guilty by association, and better start looking over your shoulder because you are next.

Fuck you Mark Mendoza, Victor Hudak, Bob McEllrath, and Chris Viramontes.

Merry Christmas.



Local 19 and PMA gave their Final Answers on the Belly Bump Complaint. Trial set for March 20, 2018.

Little Richie Austin and his buddy Dougie Stearns have given their “final answers” to the NLRB’s Consolidated Complaint regarding Dispatcher Greg Anthony’s belly bumping Karey Martinez across the Dispatch Hall while threatening to kick his ass.

Local 19 is about to find out that you do not get to wear Thug t-shirts to work,

then claim that you have no idea why your employee would act like Greg Anthony.

Here are Local 19’s and PMA’s answers to the NLRB’s Consolidated Complaint and Notice of Hearing;

Or for those who prefer PDF; Local 19 Answer to Belly Bump Complaint.

Or for those who prefer PDF; PMA Answer to Belly Bump Complaint.

Trial scheduled for March 20, 2018, at the NLRB in Seattle.

But first there is the Trial on January 23, 2018, on Local 19’s refusal to provide unredacted JPLRC Minutes.

Get ready to get your ass kicked Richie.



Actions have consequences, a lesson Local 19’s JPLRC thugs are about to learn.

What did Local 19 LRC Representative Paul Wasbrekke think was going to happen when he started wearing Thug t-shirts like this to JPLRC meetings?

Does it surprise anyone that a wannabe thug like Dispatcher Greg Anthony would act the way he did on August 7, 2017, when he belly bumped a member across the dispatch hall while threatening to kick his ass?

Loud mouth bully Rich Austin and his crew have been throwing their weight around, threatening and intimidating any longshoreman who dare to disagree with them or question them in any way.

Now PMA and Local 19 and the Seattle JPLRC get to explain to the NLRB what their employee, dispatcher Greg Anthony, was doing belly bumping and threatening a member who dared to stand up to him.

Check out the Complain and Notice of Hearing Local 19 and PMA just received;

Or for those who prefer PDF; Belly Bump Complaint and Notice of Hearing.

Actions have consequences.

On March 20, 2018, Rich Austin and Greg Anthony get held accountable for their actions.

Time to stop the bully boys of the ILWU.

It only takes one member to step up, but DO NOT expect that it will stop unless every member steps up and says NO to the bully boys like Rich Austin, Greg Anthony, and Big Baby McEllrath.

Chug, chug, chug……