ILWU attorney Rob Remar seems to be worried about NLRB hearing scheduled for October 24, 2017.

Check out the subpoena that head ILWU attorney Rob Remar served on me.

Of for those who prefer PDF; Subpoena 19-CB-190139.

In case you forgot, here is the Order Consolidating the Cases and spelling out the violations alleged by Region 19; 19-CB-190139 and 19-CA-195788 Complaint and Hearing Order.

This is what it looks like when Big Baby McEllrath sicks his little rat dog lawyer on you.

He is asking me to bring every document I have from every case I have had over the last 27 years.

Nice try Robby.

Here is my response: 

Or for those who prefer PDF; Request to revoke subpoena re 19-CB-190139 et al.

The best part of the subpoena was the check from Schwerin, Campbell, Barnard and Iglitzin, the law firm owned by the “neutral,” “outside the industry,” Coast Appeals Officer; Larry Schwerin.

Big Baby appointed a lawyer who has represented the ILWU for over 30 years, whose firm still represents Locals 19 and 23, as the “neutral” professional from “outside the industry.”

Big Baby is the most corrupt President the ILWU has ever had at its helm, the Coast Appeals Officer oakadoke is just one of his frauds.

I am looking forward to sitting at the table across from Big Baby and his minions on October 24th in Seattle.

More to come….