NLRB postpones Tacoma B-man deregistration hearing, for more advice, 1 week before trial was set to start?

What is Region 19 doing?

Without any explanation, 1 week before the hearing was set to start, Region 19 stopped the process to seek more advice.

Four days after 5 PMA employer representatives on the Tacoma JPLRC were sent subpoenas to appear at the hearing, the Region decides to postpone the hearing, indefinitely, to resubmit the matter to the Division of Advice.

Within 3 weeks of filing the Complaints against both Local 23 and PMA, the Region found merit to the Charge against Local 23, but sent the Charge against the PMA to the Division of Advice.

This matter was at Advice for over a year, before they responded with a green light related to the charge against the PMA.

PMA’s Washington DC lawyers even requested a personal meeting with the General Counsel to try and persuade the NLRB from issuing a Complaint against them. They were not successful.

There is no case law on this kind of Union/Employer partnership, which is why it went to Advice to begin with.

There are no other similiar collective bargaining relationships like the ILWU/PMA partnership.

The ILWU/PMA collective bargaining partnership would be illegal under the current standards, however they have grandfather rights as the ILWU/PMA partnership goes back to 1934.

This kind of thing has never happened before because the Employers have never been stupid enough to allow themselves to be bullied into doing something that they cannot possibly defend.

The entire Complaint and Notice of Hearing is in the article I wrote on January 20, 2019.

What happened that caused the Region to all of a sudden, out of the blue, stop the process and send the matter back to Advice?

Toby has been off work since November 2017, a week before he was going to be elevated to Class A status.

This matter was at Advice for over a year the first time.

What the Union and PMA did to Toby is illegal, outrageous, and indefensible.

Why is the Region doing this?

What is really happening here?


ILWU vs ILWU (Watchmen vs Longshoremen) & Section 13.2 Discrimination.

When the ILWU fights with the ILWU, they hide behind their PMA member employers.

Check out this NLRB Board Decision.

This is what happened when an ILWU Clerk decided to file a Section 13.2 discrimination complaint against an ILWU Watchmen, and the ILWU Watchmen said; “Homey don’t play that.”

Will the real ILWU members please stand up?

Thank you Watchmen, you are the true ILWU members.