DO NOT USE the ILWU/PMA Contract Section 13.2 discrimination procedure. It is optional, and run by incompetent corrupt Arbitrators.

Do not use Section 13 of the PCLCD or the Green Book to file claims of discrimination.

Contact us, or get a lawyer and have them contact us, if you want to win.

The Section 13 procedure is just there to protect the Union and PMA, not you.

It is a totally rigged procedure run by incompetent corrupt Arbitrators.

According to Section 17 of the PCLCD, and the Green Book, the Contract grievance procedure must be exhausted before pursuing any other remedy.

While under oath, during depositions, experts from both PMA and the Union stated that everyone knows that they Contract grievance procedure is optional and voluntary, and that everyone knows they free to go to the outside at any time.

Well, the same principle holds for confidentiality.

The PCLCD and the Green Book both claim the grievance procedure is confidential, but they know that it is not.

There is no confidentiality in the workplace, outside of the Companies proprietary business secrets.

Everyone knows that, right PMA and ILWU?


What is happening with Eric Aldape?

If you are interested in finding what is happening with Eric Aldape, the Local 13 member who was deregistered because of his political fliers, you should go to the Membership Meeting this Thursday, October 3rd.

Here is the flier that he put out inviting members to come to the Meeting and help him get back to work:

Ask Ray why he has been refusing to help a member?

Yesterday, Mike Dimon sent a non-member deregistered B-man to start working at the non-PMA cement dock, but he refuses to send Eric.

For the last 3 weeks there has been an unfilled job at the non-PMA cement dock. Ray knew the whole time he has been saying he needs to look into it.

When the membership gets all the information, they WILL do the right thing.

Time to do the right thing Ray?