NLRB’s General Council tells ILWU to provide longshoreman JPLRC Minutes, without redactions.

Longshoremen are entitled to unredacted JPLRC Minutes, period.

Time for the union to stop lying to members about what exactly is happening at their JPLRC meetings.

Time for members to hold their union representatives accountable for what they do at the JPLRC meetings.

Little Richie Austin and his buddy, Idiot Boy Jarrod Faker, won’t be able to lie to their members.

That means you too Roger, if you win.

Congratulations and good luck Roger.

If you win will you let dues paying member in good standing Eric come back to work at the SIM, and save the Local some money? And do the right thing?


What is wrong with PMA’s lawyer Todd “The Con” Amidon?

According to PMA’s answer to the NLRB in a Case set to go to trial on May 21, 2019, Todd admitted that the Doctor’s note Toby submitted to the Tacoma JPLRC, at the JPLRC meeting Toby was cited to appear at, would have excused Toby’s low hours for the month, but PMA refused to accept it because it was not date stamped by the Local 23 secretary.

This is what it looks like when Todd and his PMA flunkies try and cover for corrupt idiot longshoreman like Local 23’s Jarod Faker.

Jarod Faker arbitrarily created a phony due date for B-men to submit medical excuses for low hours, arbitrarily required the be date stamped by the Union secretary, and Todd and his PMA flunkies are backing his arbitrary rules.

How do they get to cite Toby to a JPLRC to question him about alleged deficiencies with his excuse, then refuse to allow him to correct them claiming his corrected excuse is untimely?

This is pure Faker bullshit.

Why is Todd and PMA buying into Faker’s irrational nonsense?

The trial starts on May 21, 2019, at 9 am, at the NLRB office in Seattle.

Subpoenas will be going out next week to some of the actual PMA members of the Tacoma JPLRC.

I am really looking forward to questioning the actual PMA members about what exactly happened during the meeting where Faker and PMA staff deregistered Toby.