PMA’s Steve Fresenius showed why he did not get promoted to Area Manager, he has no idea what he is doing.

The LA/LB JPLRC met yesterday, well Luke Hollingsworth, Mike Dimon and Steve Fresenius met yesterday, to beat down Child of Deceased, Jennifer Rilser (Rapid Fire’s daughter) and Eric, allegedly in accordance with the following language from the 2014 LOU Application of Section 13.

“Prior to scheduling a hearing under Section 17.4, the Joint Port Labor Relations Committee is directed to review a complaint to determine if it meets the above criteria. JPLRCs may dismiss complaints without holding a hearing only when it is clear on the face of the complaint that the criteria have not been met. Before dismissing complaints on their face, JPLRCs are encouraged to meet with grievants to give them the opportunity to cure the deficiencies in their complaints.”

Even though the Complaints are clear on the face of the complaint, that the criteria have been met, Luke and Mike decided to hold a meeting, but it was not to give them the opportunity to cure the deficiencies in their complaints, it was to harass and intimidate the grievants, before denying their complaints.

Luke and Mike did not even have copies of the complaints that they were trashing.

Jennifer was told the she should have appealed to the CLRC and her grievance was not properly before the JPLRC, but they did not tell her why she was denied.

If they would have read the Jennifer Risler – 13.3 complaint statement, they would know that he CLRC never gave her a reason her Permissive Rule request was denied, either verbally or in writing, and there is no appeal process for a Permissive Rule request.

Instead of trying to help the daughter of one of their deceased members cure the deficiencies in her complaint, Luke and Mike told her she should have appealed to the CLRC and were not the least bit interested in helping her.

Steve sat there and watched as Mike and Luke harassed and intimidated the daughter of a Local 94 foreman, and said nothing and did nothing to help Rapid Fire’s little girl.

Is it that PMA members do not give a shit about what is happening to the daughter of one of their foremen, or is it that Steve is a fucking asshole?

Luke, Mike and Steve were not asking questions to try and see if the criteria have been met for a valid grievance, they were trying to argue the merits of the case, and put words in the grievant’s mouth that they were planning to use to deny the complaint.

Then they tried to argue the merits of Eric’s Complaint against the Local 13 Grievance Committee for processing dispatch complaints, and fining members $5,000 for chiseling.

Mike Dimon kept saying the LMRDA says the Union has the right to discipline their members, like a broken record, but he did not produce a single piece of paper to back up his wild ass claim.

Steve was asked what he thought the language of Section 17.15 means?

Section 17.15 states: “The grievance procedure of this agreement shall be the exclusive remedy with respect to any disputes arising between the Union or any person working under this Agreement or both, on the one hand, and the Association or any employer acting under this Agreement or both, on the other hand, and no other remedies shall be utilized by any person with respect to any dispute involving this Agreement until the grievance procedure has been exhausted.”

Steve’s response was; “How am I supposed to discipline the Union Grievance Committee?”

Really Steveo?  Do you really not know what to do?

We can tell you: Tell the Union to knock it off and stop adjudicating contract grievances outside of the Section 17 grievance procedure of the PCLCD.

If the Union refuses, then call one of your 3 new Arbitrators and have them tell the Union to comply with the contract as written.

Not rocket science Steveo. How long have you been at PMA? You really don’t know?

Steveo, are your pants on fire?

Luke, Mike and Steveo have turned the ILWU’s crown jewel Section 13 Discrimination complaint procedure, into a pile of shit.

Luke and Mike have never done anything for the membership.

Luke and Mike don’t care that Eric is trying to help members, like the Supplemental Crane Board, or like members who are getting hammered with $5,000 fines for dispatch violations, or the daughter of a deceased member; they just want to fuck Eric.

Way to go assholes.

This is not over.



What is Julie Brady doing? Why is she being allowed to check out and pick her own replacement? What makes her so special?

Julie Brady has done it again. She quit her Chief Dispatcher job, and gave herself the DHA job, again.

Julie picked Melody “Melon” Ceaser to replace her as Chief Dispatcher, again.

Melody has never been elected as Dispatcher.. She has come in second on more than one occasion, but she has never been elected Dispatcher. She dispatches so often, some members thought she was elected.

Looks like the unwritten rule that you have to be a former Dispatcher to replace a Dispatcher, is more like a guideline than an actual rule.

Julie can do what ever she wants, because she has Secretary/Treasurer Victor Hudak’s permission to do what she is doing.

Which makes it Union policy, and to question a Union policy is anti-union.

Does Julie have a set of JPLRC Minutes showing PMA picking her as fill in DHA?

The DHA is a PMA pick, because PMA pays 100% of the DHA payroll.

The PMA has never picked a Dispatcher, or any other elected Union Officer, until Julie picked herself.

This shows that there is nothing so special about the DHA job that it cannot be an elected position, just like all the other Dispatcher jobs.

Julie and Victor are abusing their positions, for personal gain, by allowing the Dispatchers to pick their own replacements, so they can do it, and so Julie can pick the DHA job.

Julie has been doing the fill in DHA job for the last year. She was doing it before she was elected to Chief Dispatcher.

Julie wants to be the full time DHA, and she wants to be the Chief Dispatcher and cover the DHA job to make sure no one else gets it.

Greedy Julie is going to ruin the, pick your own replacement, gig all the Dispatchers have been enjoying, or all longshoremen going to be able to pick their own replacements?

Which do you think will happen?

How about starting with a sign-up sheet for longshoremen who want to fill in as replacement Dispatchers, now that Julie has proved that prior Dispatcher experience is not needed, even for the Chief Dispatcher’s job?



ILWU Election Magic: Leal 2,086 votes, Cam 1,856 votes. SHAZAM. Cam is the winner.

According to the Election results published in the Dispatcher September 2015 page 7, Leal won the election for Coast Committee. Dispatcher September 2015 page 6 is shown so you can see how each Local voted.

Dispatcher September 2015 page 6Dispatcher September 2015 page 7

However, according to the Dispatcher October 2015 page 2, Cam Williams was sworn in on October 5th and there is no corrections to the results printed in the September issue.

Dispatcher October 2015 page 2

What the fuck?

Did Big Bob just change the results because he felt like it?


Not to worry, with the help of a retired longshoreman friend, we were able to figure out what happened.

We found the 09-11-2015-International-Ballot-Committee-Preliminary-Report1 on Local 63’s website, which shows Leal at 1,645 votes and Cam at 2,075 votes.

Cam did win. Congratulations Cam.

The Election-Services-Ballot-Results2012 document from the ILWU’s website shows Leal at 2,086 votes and Roger Boespflug at 1,856 votes. The exact numbers reported in the September 2015 Dispatcher.

Just a simple mistake. They printed the 2012 numbers instead of the 2015 numbers.

Nice to know we are not the only ones who make mistakes.

Roger must be bummed. If he had not been screwed over by the Local 13 delegation at the Caucus, he would have won.

Just another day on the waterfront.

Chug, chug, chug…



Julie Brady, first female member of Local 13’s Good-Old-Boys club is taking work dodging to a whole new level.

12 hours of pay for her Chief Dispatcher’s job is not good enough for Julie, she decided to pick her own replacement so she could give herself 12 hours of pay for doing nothing. She dispatched herself to the DHA job.

Victor Hudak, work dodger, former Dispatcher, volunteer Sargent At Arms, and current Secretary/Treasurer in charge of all things related to Local 13 dispatch, has been planning this scam with Julie for the last year. When he was not Dispatcher, in order to avoid working off the floor, Victor filled in as Sargent At Arms as often as he could.

Both Victor and Julie are all star work dodgers who figured out a way to work as relief Dispatchers for the year they are not eligible to run, by allowing Dispatchers to pick their own replacements. Neither works off the floor anymore. Check their hours.

Now that Victor is in charge of the Dispatchers, he and Julie are going all in on their scam. Dispatchers are now allowed to pick their own replacements, and apparently the DHA’s replacement as well. Regular longshoremen do not get to pick their own replacements, but Dispatchers do?

Julie wants to be the next DHA (Dispatch Hall Administrator), the PMA picked dispatch hall employee who does nothing but push a button that updates the no-dispatch list, for 12 hours each day paid 100% by PMA. If she can make sure that no one else does that job, she will be the only one “qualified” and a shoe in for the next PMA pick.

Julie is a Caucus Delegate, a member of the International Executive Board, and now she is the Chief Dispatcher.

Julie Brady can do what ever she feels like, because she is large and in charge, and she has Victor Hudak to back her up.

All longshoremen are equal, but some like Julie and Victor are more equal.

Greed is going to rot the ILWU, from the top down, but don’t say anything because if you do it will mean you are anti-union.

Chug, chug, chug….



What excuse does Bobby O Jr. have for not moving into the brand new Local 13 Dispatch Hall?

PMA built Local 13 a brand new, state of the art, Dispatch Hall and it has been ready to go, and empty, for the last 8 months.

Local 13 Dispatch Hall-2

Local 13 Dispatch Hall

What possible reason could Bobby O Jr. have for not moving into the fancy new digs that PMA built for Local 13?

Does the PMA have so much money that they can spend millions to build a state of the art, fully air conditioned Dispatch Hall, then let it sit empty for the last 8 months?

Seems like the hook is hanging at the Hall.

What is PMA doing?

How about calling their new Arbitrator?

How about using the new Arbitrator to force the Union to use their fully air conditioned Dispatch Hall?

Is Bobby O waiting to use it in his next election campaign?

Vote for Bobby and he will get you into the new fully air conditioned Dispatch Hall?

Is this how Local 13’s Officers “protect the Union?”

Keep the members in the hot, sweaty, stinky, old Dispatch Hall with broken swamp coolers, until they elect Bobby again?

That must be what PMA wants; more Bobby O Jr. and his ball polishing buddy Mayor Garcetti.



Time for Luke, and Local 13, to learn who controls Section 13.3 Discrimination Claims?

Local 13’s new Labor Relations Representatives, Luke Hollingsworth and Mike Dimon do not seem to understand what their job is, or how the grievance procedure of the PCLCD works.

Time for them to step up and start helping their members, and knock off the “protecting the Union” bullshit.

Someone needs to tell them, they “protect” the Union by “protecting” all the members, not just their friends and family or people they like.

The discussions that took place in Ray’s office related to open Complaints and the new man-for-man transfer procedure, and the Section 13.3 procedure, make it clear that Luke needs to learn who controls Section 13.3 Complaints.

Here is the letter (Eric- letter to JPLRC re Luke letter) sent to the JPLRC in response to Luke’s behavior.

Eric- letter to JPLRC re Luke letter page 1Eric- letter to JPLRC re Luke letter page 2












Time for Luke to pull out the 2014 LOU Application of Section 13 letter and read it.

Section 13.3 Complaints are controlled by the person who files them.

Section 13.3 allows a regular member to challenge Committees that write or apply the contract in a discriminatory manor.

Section 13.3 Complaints are the only complaints that do not belong to the Union, after they get filed.

Regular grievances belong to the Union and they can do what ever they want, within the law, and they pay 1.2 million dollars per year to their lawyers to protect their right to do what ever they want.

Not with Section 13.3 Complaints, which get processed in accordance with Section 17.4 of the PCLCD, where the individual filing the complaint has the right to appeal the decision of the JPLRC to the CLRC, and the right to appeal the decision of the CLRC to the Coast Arbitrator.

Know your rights, and do not take no for an answer, and you too can stand up for yourself when your Local refuses to.

If I was a member of Local 13, I would be going the the next JPLRC Meeting, it is going to be interesting.

More to come……

Chug, chug, chug….



Big Bob begs Coast Arbitrator, John Kagel, to postpone Coast arbitrations until December because he has “new” Coast Committeemen. Boo fucking hoo!

Coast Arbitrator, John Kagel, apparently agreed to Big Bob’s request to postpone any Coast arbitrations until December, due to Bob’s having “new” Coast Committeemen.

What a fucking joke. The “new” Coast Committeemen, Cam Williams and Frank Ponce de Leon, were sworn in, in September, and are on the payroll. Their $200,000/year payrolls.

Did Big Bob threaten to stop paying Kagel, like he is doing to x-Arbitrator David Miller?

Is that why Kirsten Donovan, Frank’s secretary, is lying about receiving letters from members who are asking to have their grievances processed?

Waiting until December is not going to change anything. If Cam and Frank are not ready now, they are not going to be ready in December either.

Come on Bob, what the fuck are you doing?

You are starting to look like you are, who we thought you were.

Mean while PMA’s Jimmy McKenna is acting like the puppy dog that he is, and Bib Bob’s grandchild is getting registered in Tacoma as a mechanic.

What an embarrassment to the entire Industry.

Do your fucking jobs, and process grievances, or quit and let someone else do the job.

Chug, chug, chug……



If you want to transfer out of Local 13, just become an activist.

Local 13’s biggest activist, and all around trouble maker for the Local 13 clique, sent LRC rep Luke Hollingsworth a courtesy copy of a grievance letter sent to Local 23 last week (Local 23 Crane Points 13.3 Complaint-web), wherein he said he was thinking of transferring, and the next day Luke sent him the JPLRC transfer paper work.

Luke even filled out the paperwork, and attached a yellow sticky saying; “just sign, date & return to Local 13.”

JPLRC Transfer paperwork

More to come…….



The new 3 Arbitrator system Big Bob demanded to replace Judge Roy Bean Miller is working, or not working depending on how you look at it.

3 new Arbitrators have replaced Arbitrator David Miller, who was fired by Big Bob because he dared to stand up to him and refused to throw a picket line Arbitration, and they have not heard a single case since being appointed.

Big Bob huffed and puffed and held his breath during the conniption fit he threw when he demanded that David be fired, and Jim McKenna rolled over like a 4 month old puppy at the dog park.

3 new Arbitrators getting paid $12,000/month to sit at home and do nothing, but Big Bob and Jimbo refuse to pay David for the work he did.

What kind of assholes fire a guy, for no good reason, then refuse to pay him?

Great improvement in the grievance procedure, unless you are trying to get a grievance processed.

The LA/LB JPLRC is doing nothing.

Local 13 claims PMA refuses to meet, at the same time they refuse to provide any minutes to show what they are doing.

Section 13.3 complaints are stacking up because the new LRC reps don’t know what they are doing, and neither do the new PMA reps.

It’s like the blind leading the deaf and blind.

Come on guys (and gals), get your shit together and process some grievances.

Chug, chug, chug…..



The tail is wagging the dog in Local 23, or trying to. Not to worry, Eric the dog whisperer is on the case.

At the last Union meeting at Local 23, a couple of the young gun crane operators who think they are all that, with a cherry on top, took the microphone and started talking about how Tacoma needs to keep their production numbers up, and the best way to do that was to promote the home grown pumpers like them ahead of some old slow guys transferring in from other Locals.

Ergo, the new points system giving points for crane hours, only Tacoma crane hours, aka in-port hours, for advancement to the Primary Cane Board.

Local 23 Crane Board Point SystemLocal 23 Crane Board Point System

Problem is, the Points System conflicts d the Union principle of seniority and with Section 1.8 of the rules covering Transfers of Longshoremen and Clerks Between Ports. ILWU:PMA MOU Transfer rules

Today Local 23 got a Section 13.3 complaint filed against them, despite the Local’s secretary telling him he needed a Business Agent or LRC Representative’s signature in order for the grievance to be valid.

Requiring the Business Agent or LRC representative to sign a grievance is just another bullshit hurtle put in the way of anyone trying to file a grievance, designed to allow the Union to bully anyone trying to file a grievance.

Homey don’t play that, and filed his grievance with the JPLRC and gave copies to both Local 23 and PMA.

Local 23 Crane Points 13.3 Complaint-web

Hey Deano, going to do the right thing and explain seniority to your little ones, or do we have to file another NLRB charge?