How Local 13 President Bobby Olvera Jr., and his lackeys John Seixus, Larry Toledo, and Robert Trimmer, used their “whatever I feel like” tactics to try and beat down Eric.

Over the last 35 years of dealing with the ILWU, I have seen a lot of fucked up people do a lot of shitty things to their so called Union Brothers, but what Bobby O Jr., John Seixus, Larry Toledo, and Robert Trimmer, are doing to Eric takes the cake.

This story starts with the PMA-all-in-offer-press-release-2.4.15.PMA-all-in-offer-press-release-2.4.15

In response to the PMA press release, Eric put out his Caucus Delegate Flier 2_17_15.

Caucus Delegate Flier 2_17_15

On March 4, 2015, Big Bob and Jim McKenna reach a tentative agreement and sign the ILWU PMA MOU 3-4-15, which just happens to contain a little thing called an Amnesty Letter.

Amnesty Letter

Why is it that PMA is willing to forgive the Union for what they, or their members did, during negotiations, and the Union is willing to forgive the PMA for what they did during negotiations, but Local 13 NOT is willing to forgive Eric for what he did during the negotiations?

On March 30, 2015, Eric’s flier is addressed at the Contract Caucus in San Francisco and Eric got ripped by the Caucus for 3 hours, of the morning session. (part of the transcript is attached to Larry’s Complaint)

At lunch the Local 13 Delegates met and JoJo informed the group that if Eric was agreeable to a censure, the matter would be put to rest, and that’s exactly what happened.

After lunch, Bobby informed the Caucus that Eric had agreed to censure and the matter was closed, then Eric addressed the Caucus, apologized, and accepted censure, after which he received a standing ovation and a handshake from Big Bob and the rest of the International Officers. (this part of the transcript was NOT attached to Larry’s Complaint)

The matter was resolved, or so Eric thought.

On April 21, 2015, at the Stubhub ratification meeting, after 25 minutes of listening to Local 13 members rip him for his flier Eric took the microphone and was in the processing of addressing the subject of his flier, when Cubby punched him in the mouth and prevented him from finishing what he had to say. Bobby, who was chairing the meeting did nothing, he just went on like nothing happened. Check out the video. Stubhub video 4-21-15  (remember this when you see how Larry uses it)

June 1, 2015, Larry Toledo files a Trial Committee Complaint against Eric claiming the flier he put out in February was used against the Union during negotiations, in fact he claims the flier cost the Union 50 cents per hour. Larry Toledo’s Trial Committee Complaint 6-1-15

How is it that Larry’s Complaint deals with something he claims is directly related to negotiations, but NOT covered by the amnesty letter?

Larry’s Complaint might seem a bit too well crafted until you understand that Larry is one of a handful of Elected Officials who have been taking turns being the Chair, the Recording Secretary, and the Attorney of Facts, on all of the Trial Committees for the last 2 years.

John Seixus, Larry Toledo, Steve Cannone, Jonathan Lamborn, Mike Dimon, Robert Trimmer and librarian Donovan Russel have been playing musical chairs with all the Trial Committee positions for the last 2 years, and controlling every aspect of the process including writing the minutes so as to leave out names like Bobby Olvera Jr’s, and changing the Trial Committee rules whenever they feel like it. (check out the Local 13 Trial Committee minutes 5-20-15, a complaint against Bobby)

For starters, Larry’s Complaint is untimely, and specifically prohibited according to the Local 13 Constitution:

“Except where otherwise provided to the contrary in the applicable Agreement, no grievance complaint (hereinafter ‘Complaint’) shall be processed unless the Complaint is lodged with one of the Officers or Committees named in Sub-Paragraph (e) hereof within a reasonable time and in no event more than forty-five (45) days after the discovery by the Complainant of the alleged violation or more than ninety (90) days after the alleged violation (whichever period is shorter) except when the Accused at the time of the alleged violation is an Officer of the Union or a member of the Grievance Committee, in which case no such Complaint shall be processed unless lodged within one (1) year after the expiration of his term of office.”

Larry filed his Complaint 103 days after Eric put out his flier, which is the subject of the Complaint, and Eric was and still is an Officer of the Union. Eric was a Caucus Delegate when he wrote his flier, and he is a member of the Grievance Committee and a member of the Executive Board at the present time.

Larry’s Complaint is all about Eric’s flier and the website, which he claims is run by Eric.

Everyone at Local 13, and PMA, knows that the website is run by me, Jim Tessier, x-PMA Assistant Area Manager, not my best friend forever Eric.

We are not sure how Larry got a hold of the Caucus transcripts that he submitted. The transcript validates what Eric says happened at the Caucus, but only tells half the story by design. In fact, some of the Trial Committee members did not find out that  Eric was censured after lunch, until the day of the Trial Committee hearing.

None of this mattered to Secretary/Treasurer, Mark Williams, or President and self described “Senior” Caucus Delegate, Bobby Olvera Jr., who decided to process the Complaint at the June 4th Union meeting.

June 4, 2015, at the Local 13 Union meeting with Bobby O presiding, Secretary/Treasurer Mark Williams announced a Trial Committee against Eric Aldape. Mark did not read the charge as required by the Constitution, and he and Bobby did not elect the Trial Committee at the meeting as required by the Constitution.

Constitution Trial Committee language

According to the Constitution; the Secretary/Treasurer shall read the charge at the next regular meeting and there a Trail Committee will be elected.

Mark did not read the Complaint, he announced there was a Complaint against Eric, and only 8 members signed up for the Trial Committee. The Trial Committee was not elected as required, Bobby and Mark just held it over for the next Union meeting.

According to the Local 13 Trial Committee Procedure, the Trial Committee requires 12 members and 3 alternates, and the specific procedures for nomination and election of the Trial Committee, at the Union meeting where the charge is read.

Trial Committee Procedure

It should have been over right after they failed to follow the Constitutional procedures at the Union meeting. At this point refiling is time barred, so the matter should have been dismissed.

July 9, 2015, there was no quorum at the Union meeting so no business was conducted, including no sign-ups for Eric’s Trial Committee, but that did not stop President Bobby from bad mouthing Eric, telling those present that Eric “is going after the Child of Deceased procedures and he was going to fuck it up.”

Eric is trying to help Rapid Fires daughter correct the error that was made in processing her request to be registered as the Child of Deceased. Why would Bobby lie to the membership? Because he lies about everything?

August 6, 2015, there was a quorum at the Union meeting and the Trial Committee was announced again, this time 10 to 15 members signed up, but once again the Trial Committee was NOT elected at the Union meeting as required by the Constitution.

August 31, 2015, Larry filed Union Complaint 19-2015 against Eric, again accusing him of conduct unbecoming, for trying to help Steven Black with a chiseling complaint filed against him, and because of information posted on my website. Larry even names me in the Complaint.

Union Complaint 19-2015

Union Complaint 19-2015 1Union Complaint 19-2015 2October 8, 2015, the Trial Committee sent Eric a letter scheduling a hearing and providing him the Trial Committee Guidelines and Trial Committee procedures. Trial Committee letter 10-8-15 scheduling hearing

October 15, 2015, Eric faxed a letter to Bobby and requested a ruling regarding Grievance Committee motions to remove him from the Grievance Committee, based on a motion that he is “biased.”  Eric – Bobby request re GC Motions Bobby did not respond.

October 16, 2015, the Grievance Committee mailed Eric a Notice to Appear before the Committee he is an elected member of.

October 26, 2015, Eric faxed a 2nd letter to Bobby and requested a ruling regarding a Complaint against a Grievance Committee member and Grievance Committee motions to remove a member from the Grievance Committee. Eric – Bobby request re GC Motions-2

November 3, 2016, the Grievance Committee heard GC #19-15 against Eric. Larry dropped his Complaint, without explanation.

Grievance Committee Drop Form

December 1, 2015, Steve Lewis, Trial Committee Chair, sent Eric a Trial Committee letter rescheduling hearing.

Trial Committee letter rescheduling hearing


December 29, 2015, Eric responded to Steve’s letter, with a few questions and a couple of demands.

Eric - January 19 Trial Committee response and request

Eric - January 19 Trial Committee response and request 1

Steve did not respond to Eric’s 1st letter so he faxed a 2nd letter on January 14, 2016.

Eric - January 19 Trial Committee response and request-2

January 13, 2016, is the date on the letter Steve mailed to Eric, wherein he denies Eric’s request for documents but he does agree to Eric’s request for a Court Reporter to transcribe the January 19, 2016, Trail Committee hearing, for the first time in the history of the ILWU.

Trial Committee letter dated 1-13-16

January 19, 2016, the Trial Committee went on with their dog and pony show, with President Bobby O Jr. presiding, and a court reporter transcribing everything.

The Trial Committee tried to run their usual inquisition where they ask the defendant a bunch of questions, then use the answers to their self-serving questions to beat the person down then.

Eric does not play that game, and he refused to answer any of their questions. They finally got so frustrated they asked Eric if he was going to answer any of their questions, he told them no this is your show; get on with it.

The Trial Committee Chair and the Attorney of Facts did not know what to do when Eric did not play the way they wanted him to. They tried to put on their case, but because they were going to rely on using Eric to make their case it did not go too well.

When the Attorney of Facts was done flailing, Eric read his Eric – Trial Committee statement 1-19-16 into the record, then proceeded to discuss his issues related to double jeopardy, the number of members on the Committee, the procedures the Committee followed, and he challenged members he feels are biased.

Eric - Trial Committee statement 1-19-16

Eric challenged the Attorney of Facts, John Seixus, as being biased because he was Bobby’s witness in a Grievance Bobby filed against Eric, which he lost. The Complaint was dismissed because John Seixus was caught in a lie. Eric also challenged Robert Trimmer who is on the Executive Board, because elected officers are not supposed to be on Trial Committees.

Trial Committees are supposed to be made up of regular members, and not union officers, to keep the process free from political influences like Bobby and his lackeys are imposing on this Committee.

The Trial Committee Chair, Steve Lewis, told Eric they were denying his claims of bias, and Robert Trimmer said there is nothing in the rules that say elected officers are not allowed to be on Trial Committees.

Eric raised the question of double jeopardy as defined in the Constitution, and asked for an interpretation  by the President.

Double jeopardy language

Bobby’s interpretation was there is no double jeopardy because the double jeopardy language only applies to Grievance Committee Complaints, because the language is in the Grievance Committee Section of the Constitution and, Larry Toledo added his opinion that the Caucus has their procedures and Local 13 has their procedures, and they are separate.

Eric was also informed “the lawyers were ok with it,” and President Bobby O Jr. sat there and said nothing.

The Committee’s response to Eric’s questions related to the requirement that the Complaint be read at the membership meeting, the requirement that the Trial Committee be elected at the same meeting, and the requirement that the Trial Committee be comprised of 12 people with 3 alternates; was to tell him the requirements are just guidelines and at the 1st meeting of the Committee they agreed to reduce the required number to a minimum of 6.

Interesting that the changes were made before the October 8, 2015, letter that Trial Committee Chair, Steve Lewis, sent to Eric which included a copy of  the “Trial Committee Guidelines and Trial Procedure (adopted 1965),” and the Trail Committee neglected to inform Eric of the changes they made until the date of the hearing, January 19, 2016. Changes they made without Executive Board approval, or membership approval.

Eric’s 3rd request, a request for clarification related to his demand for a copy of the transcript from the afternoon session of the March 30, 2015, which he made in his letters dated December 29, 2015, and January 14, 2016, was discussed and a motion was made, seconded and carried, to give Eric a copy of the transcript.

After the Motion passed, Bobby jumped in and said, “Careful on the way you are going on the transcripts, I do not have the transcripts and this could turn into a filibuster.”  Eric asked the Chair, Steve Lewis, if he was going to get the transcripts before continuing his case. Steve Lewis told Eric he would get the transcript, but the hearing was going on, and Eric could include the transcript with his appeal.

Eric’s final request, a request for clarification on whether of not the Trial Committee was going to wait for a copy of the transcript from the January 19, 2016, hearing before making their decision.

The Chair, Steve Lewis, said he didn’t know and they were going into Executive session.

The Trial Committee went into Executive Session and Eric left, as the hearing was over.

The Trial Committee has not contacted Eric to tell him of their decision, but he has heard from numerous members who are telling him he was found guilty, and the Committee voted 6 to 2 to “read him out of the Union.”

Eric went to Local 13 on January 25, 2016, to request documents for his appeal and to get a written copy of the decision and penalty, but he was told that it is not finished yet.

At the conclusion of a Grievance Committee case the charged party is given a copy of the decision, right then and there, and informed of their appeal rights.

At the conclusion of a Trial Committee case, they do whatever they feel like, or whatever Bobby and his new girlfriend, honorary member and Local 13 lawyer, Gillian, feel like.

Stay tuned for Part 3 – The Decision.

Chug, chug, chug……

ps  In case you think the Union beat Eric down, they did not. This is all about freedom of speech and protected concerted activity and Eric will not quit and will not be bullied into giving up. Not going to happen.

If you are interested in seeing for yourself, Eric will be addressing the JPLRC tomorrow morning at 9:30 at Local 13, regarding his Section 13.3 Complaints involving 22 shift equalization for all steady categories, and the $55 bonus pay and the 130 million dollar benefit plan fraud caused by no assessments being paid.

Hear me now, and believe me later; It’s on!



Con man, liar, and all around scum bag Bobby Olvera Jr. used his idiot followers John Seixas, Larry Toledo, and Local 13’s lawyers, to move all in against Eric at the Trial Committee hearing on January 19th. Part 1.

Bobby O actually brought in the Local 13 lawyers, used them to manipulate the Trial Committee members who had no idea of what was going on, and made his move to get rid of Eric.

Instead of just using the Committee to prevent Eric from running for elected office for the next 15 years like he did with the Greek, he used his “crew” to have Eric; “read out of the Union.”

Yeah, Bobby and the Trial Committee found Eric guilty then voted to kick him out of the Union, making him an involuntary Beck objector, and agreed to forbid him from passing out his fliers at the Hall.

Bobby and the Local 13 lawyers rewrote the Constitution and the Trial Committee procedures and voted to find Eric guilty, without waiting for the transcript of the Trail Committee hearing or the transcript of the Caucus meeting where his “letter” was dealt with by the Caucus.

No surprise, since Attorney of Facts, Seixus, passed out a document detailing a Trial Committee case of a guy who got expelled from the Union for 99 years (suspended), for payroll fraud, but he never gave the Trail Committee members the Trial Committee procedures until January 19th, the day of the hearing.

Normally Union Officers are not allowed to attend Trail Committee hearings, at least that’s what was said when Chris Viramontes was not allowed to attend Frank Ponce de Leon’s Grievance Committee hearing, because of their political influence.

Bobby not only sat in the room, he sat at the table and offered advice to the Chair.

Trial Committees are supposed to be made up of regular members, who have no bias.

All of Eric’s claims of bias were rejected, as well as Eric’s claim of double jeopardy, and Steve Lewis and John Seixus claimed the lawyers approved of what they were doing including the penalty.

No kidding, for $75,000 per month, the lawyers are going to say what ever the Union wants them to say.

Bobby allowed 1 member of the Executive Board and 1 member of the Grievance Committee on the Trial Committee, both of whom have tried to have Eric removed from his Executive Board position and/or voted to remove him from the Grievance Committee, but they are not biased?

Bobby can divulge the Unions strategy to the Mayor of LA, during negotiations, and nothing happens to him except Big Bob threatening him in a bar, but Eric puts out a flier to the membership and Bobby moves to have him kicked out of the Union?

Big Bob said he was going to get the 10th hour for the mechanics, until he talked to the Mayor and found out that Bobby was the leak and Bobby confirmed that he had divulged the Union’s strategy.

Big Bob’s response was a straight-up longshore response.  He said Bobby fucked up the 10th hour by bringing in the Mayor, and told Bobby “get the fuck out of here before I kick your ass.” He did not try to have him kicked out of the Union.

Bobby is using his “boys” (some of whom are girls) to try and get Eric kicked out of the Union, “because he is guilty of coming back from the Caucus and putting out a flier to the membership that ended up on the internet.”

Never mind the fact that the flier in question was put out before the Caucus?

This may sound crazy, but it is true and there is a transcript of the entire proceedings; the first transcript ever of a Trail Committee hearing.

This is just Part 1, of a series.

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The robots are here, and Local 13 along with the “new” Coast Committee are rolling over like the cute little puppies that they are.

The “new” robot operation at LBCT has started without the Section 10.51 documentation, the required documentation describing the operation and the proposed manning to be used.

Local 13 Officers are patting each other on the back for the great job they did negotiating what they call “minimum manning.”

Over 100 crane jobs lost to robots, and they are congratulating each other for the great deal they negotiated?

Mean while, the mechanics at LBCT  “came clean and told everything,”  like how the mechanics have been driving UTRs between the robot dock and the regular dock for months, moving cargo being used in testing the robots.

LBCT has been violating the agreement for months, using mechanics to do longshore work, and not only did Local 13 not know it was happening, they are not going to do anything now that they do.

What did LBCT promise the Local 13 Officers? Foreman jobs, or transfers to Clerk or another port?

Did LBCT promise to hire all their friends and family as mechanics, like they did for Janice Hahn’s kid?

This makes the Grain Agreement give aways seem like chump change.

Congratulations to Local 13 and their “new” Coast Committeeman, Frank Ponce de Leon, for making Jim MeKenna look like a genius.

I was wondering what kind of lies Bobby was going to tell the members who attended the January Union Meeting?

None, but only because nothing was said about any Union business at the meeting, they did not have a quorum.

Then there was no quorum for the Executive Board meeting held January 14, 2016, so Bobby still has not provided the E-Board or the membership any of the required Section 10.51 paperwork related to the new LBCT robot operation, which has started.

Bobby, Victor, and Julie are dispatching to LBCT using the what ever they feel like method. They even created a new pay code so they can dispatch a crane job, off the Dock Board, and pay Skill I to what they call a Button job.

This is all possible because the membership of Local 13 is disengaged, including the elected members of the Executive Board who don’t care enough to show up to a meeting.

Why did they run? Oh yeah, it was so they can feather their own nests.

Local 13’s leadership is so uninspiring they cannot get enough of their members to participate, in order to have a quorum at either a Union meeting or an Executive Board meeting.

Bobby and Victor did take the time to make another Local 13 lawyer an honorary member of the Union, without Executive Board approval or membership approval.

Harry Bridges hated lawyers with a passion, which is why they are prohibited from participating in the PCLCD grievance procedure, but Bobby loves them.

The same lawyer that filed a restraining order against Eric, so Chris Viramontes could use it in his 13.2 complaint, then withdrew the motion before Eric could respond, costing him member $3,000 in addition to doing another year off, is now a member?

Way to go Bobby. $75,000 per month for doing nothing is not enough, you need to make them members as well?

What is going on with the Local 13 Officers, have the robot overlords assimilated them into the Borg?

Despicable is the word I use to describe Bobby O Jr., and the rest of the Local 13 Officers.

Yeah, despicable is the word.



Despicable is the word to describe the Union Officials who go after a member, when the Employer says NO violation occured!

Local 13 has finally, after stalling for 3 years, produced the transcript from the December 18, 2012, Arbitration where Local 13 went after their own member, and used the Union Arbitrator to force PMA into putting him on non-dispatch.

Check out the insulting cover letter that Victor Hudak felt the need to send along with the transcript. Eric – Hudak letter sent with 12-18-12 transcript

Eric - Hudak letter sent with 12-18-12 transcript

Union Officers Chris Viramontes, Mark Williams, Bobby Olvera Jr., Mondo Porras, Julie Brady, Mark Mascola, were all behind Harry Dong when he called the Arbitrator to put one of his Union members on non-dispatch, over the objections of PMA.

Check out the letter PMA submitted at the hearing. Eric – PMA letter dated 11-21-12

Eric - PMA letter dated 11-21-12 Eric - PMA letter dated 11-21-12 1 Eric - PMA letter dated 11-21-12 2

Click on the hyperlink and read the transcript for yourself. Eric – Transcript of 12-18-12 non-implementation hearing

Eric has been trying for 3 years to get the transcript, so he can process the Section 13.3 grievance he filed 3 years ago.

Here is the letter Bobby sent to Eric in response to a letter that Eric sent to the CLRC. Bobby 11-24-15 letter

Bobby 11-24-15 letterBobby 11-24-15 letter 1

Bobby was not sent the Eric- 13.3 stalled procedure appeal of Carlos and Lee  letter dated November 19, 2015, but felt the need to send Eric this bullshit response, however he had no problem when Chris brought in Foreman’s President Danny Miranda to represent him, in violation of the 13.2 procedures.

What kind of Union Officials go after their own member, give him 2 years off, causing him and his family to lose their medical benefits, when the Employer says there is NO violation?

Despicable ones!

Their but for the grace of God, go I.

You could be next.

When does an injury to one is an injury to all kick in?

Time for the membership to step up, act like a Union, and make the member whole?