Screw ILWU Local 19 and Little Richie Austin’s intimidation tactics!

Here is what it looks like when the ILWU uses intimidating tactics before a NLRB hearing they know they can’t win.

Local 19 is not going to go to trial. They are going to settle, just like Local 23 did on the exact same issue.

Do Rich and his attorney really think they are going to be able to convince a Judge that they should be allowed to redact the JPLRC Minutes they provide to longshoremen?

Here is an example of the kind of redactions I am talking about:

Both Region 19 and Local 19 agreed to a Settlement which allowed them to redact information like they did for Eunice, I refused to agree and appealed the matter to DC.

DC agreed with me, they rejected the proposed Settlement which is why there is going to be a trial.

There is no way this is going to trial.

This is an example of a lawyer going for maximum billable hours, while trying to intimidate the people who file NLRB charges in order to have a chilling effect on others.

Like I said: Screw Little Richie Austin and his scumbag attorney.


Mike Dimon is using his weaponized Section 13.2 grievance procedure to go after The Greek.

Check out the Section 13.2 Complaint filed by E-Board member and caucus delegate Christine Aguirre, after she failed to get her way at 2 Special JPLRC Meetings where the matter was held over.

The completely unqualified PMA Arbitrator seems to be working as directed and has scheduled a Section 13.2 hearing on this nonsense.

Christine did not like something she heard while listening in on a conversation about Union payments to Coast Committeemen.

She injected herself into the conversation and did not like the outcome.

Before filing her Section 13.2 Complaint, with the assistance of Mike Dimon, she complained to the Employer who responded by filing an Employer Complaint against The Greek alleging a Section 17.81, 17.82 violation.

Three days after the conversation, The Greek was called by Luke Hollingsworth and told Local 63 was holding a Special JPLRC to deal with the Employer Complaint.

This is what happens when a Union Official, who thinks they are all that, has a “problem” with a regular member like The Greek.

Christine showed up with 15 witnesses and claimed she was verbally assaulted.

All but 2 of her witnesses did not remember anything and, after listening to everyone involved, the Local 63 JPLRC held the matter over and referred the Employer Complaint to a Tri-Party JPLRC with Local 13.

Seven days later The Greek was called into a Tri-Party JPLRC Meeting along with all of the witnesses, and Luke Hollingsworth, and Ray Familathe.

Mike Dimon and Christine were hanging around at the meeting, but did not come into the room.

After a vigorous discussion The Greek was asked if he would be willing to apologize to Christine in order to settle the matter.

The Greek surprisingly agreed to apologize, if it would resolve the matter, but instead of accepting the apology and agreeing to settle the matter, Mike Dimon held the matter over and had Christine file a Section 13.2 Complaint.

The Greek is now scheduled for a Section 13.2 hearing on August 19th based on Christine’s Complaint, in which she does not claim discrimination.

Mike Dimon has requested all of The Greeks grievance history to use it to prove he is guilty, just like he did with Eric when he got Eric de-registered.

This is very interesting, because Mike is a convicted felon who knows that prior convictions cannot be used to prove guilt, yet he is going to try anyway because it worked with Eric.

When is the membership going to tell Mike Dimon, Luke Hollingsworth, and Ray Familathe to knock off the special treatment for Officers filing Complaints against regular members over inter-union political disputes that have nothing to do with covered work?

Is PMA going to allow Mike Dimon’s and Christine Aguirre’s phony Section 13.2 double jeopardy Complaint to actually get processed?

Is it going to take another lawsuit? Or a Class Action?


Federal Court Documents show: Chris Viramontes admitted to Port Medical ownership, and Mike Dimon fabricated JPLRC Meeting denying Eric’s 13.3 Complaint against Arbitrator Mark Mascola.

Check out the following Federal Court filings.

The first shows that Chris Viramontes recanted his denial of any involvement in the Port Medical fraud, and admitted that he invested $130,000 in Port Medical.

Chris finally admitted what everyone already knew; that he was a partner in the Port Medical fraud.

Eric did 1 year off work because of Chris’ lies, and it was Chris’ lies that resulted in Eric’s deregistration.

The truth is coming out and, if this case gets to trial, a jury will not be kind to either the ILWU or the PMA for their involvement.

The second shows that Mike Dimon covered for his buddy Arbitrator Mark Mascola by faking a Special JPLRC Meeting to deny the Section 13.3 Complaint of bias filed by Eric.

Mike Dimon claims he had a Special JPLRC Meeting with Eric Kalnes from PMA, agreed to deny Eric Aldape’s Complaint, then never notified him. No actual Employer members were present, and PMA staff have no vote.

Now both the ILWU and PMA are claiming that Eric failed to exhaust the grievance procedure, because he did not appeal the decision for which he was never notified.

Here is the entire Opposition to Local 13’s Motion for Summary Judgement:

This Court Document is just one example of the dirty deeds being perpetrated by the corrupt Union Officials at Local 13 and the International, with PMA’s approval.

Both Local 13’s and the International’s Officers, including Frank Ponce de Leon, covered for the criminal activity of fellow Officer Chris Viramontes, by refusing to process the Employer Complaint against him and letting the 2 non-Officers Dave Gomez and Sergio Amador take all the heat. Dave and Sergio went to jail and got de-registered, for their part in the massive Port Medical benefits fraud.

In the mean time, Local 13 Officers are refusing to allow dues paying member in good standing Eric Aldape to be dispatched to non-PMA jobs, as is his right as a dues paying member in good standing.

What do they think Eric is paying for?

If the Executive Board continues to refuse to allow Eric to be dispatched to non-PMA jobs, this issue will be placed before the membership who have the final say.