Screw ILWU Local 19 and Little Richie Austin’s intimidation tactics!

Here is what it looks like when the ILWU uses intimidating tactics before a NLRB hearing they know they can’t win.

Local 19 is not going to go to trial. They are going to settle, just like Local 23 did on the exact same issue.

Do Rich and his attorney really think they are going to be able to convince a Judge that they should be allowed to redact the JPLRC Minutes they provide to longshoremen?

Here is an example of the kind of redactions I am talking about:

Both Region 19 and Local 19 agreed to a Settlement which allowed them to redact information like they did for Eunice, I refused to agree and appealed the matter to DC.

DC agreed with me, they rejected the proposed Settlement which is why there is going to be a trial.

There is no way this is going to trial.

This is an example of a lawyer going for maximum billable hours, while trying to intimidate the people who file NLRB charges in order to have a chilling effect on others.

Like I said: Screw Little Richie Austin and his scumbag attorney.