What’s up with Bobby O Jr.’s ranting and raving about the “Oath”?

Which oath are you talking about Bobby?

The bullshit oath you all take not to discuss what happens in your secret union meetings?

What the problem is, Bobby?

Why are you running your mouth about “getting” the person who is taking to me?

Are you worried about your precious secrets getting out?

Bobby, there are no secrets on the waterfront. I have lots of friends who talk to me, they always have, and they always will.

You should be more worried about the fact that 50% of the members that signed the Recall Petition to recall Mark Williams, are not members in good standing.

50% of the members have outstanding fines or assessments and they were allowed to vote in the Fall Elections, but they were not allowed to sign a recall petition 1 month later, because they were not members in good standing.

You have the biggest case of election fraud in the history of unions, and you are worried about who talks to me.

You have 2 definitions of a member in good standing.

A member in good standing, for voting purposes, only has to have their dues paid up.

A member in good standing, for all other purposes including training, transfers, traveling, double out cards, and signing a recall petition, has to have their dues, fines and assessments paid up.

If you really wanted members to vote, you would simply mail them ballots, like my union SEIU 775 does.

You do not want all the members to vote, you only want a small group of members most of whom have unpaid fines and assessments to vote, because that is how you keep your clique in power.

Bobby, in order for an oath to have meaning you have to have integrity and honesty, and you have neither.

Stop ranting about who is talking to me, and start listening to what the people who are talking to meĀ are saying.

Bobby, stop with the witch hunts, and clean up your act.