Casual Dispatch Hall/Scab Wear Outlet? What are Ungie and Scrub up to?

Jessie “Ungie” Lopez, Local 13 Casual Hall Dispatcher, claimed that Scrub was at the Casual Hall to visit some family members.

Right, he was there behind the glass handing out jobs, decked out in his knock off scab wear, so he could say hello to some of his family members.

How much of a kick back are you getting Jessie?

It must be a whole lot, because you seem to be willing to risk your Dispatcher job for it.

Jessie, you let Mondo use the microphone. At first you denied it, then you down played it, and finally you admitted it.

Big Bob ordered the Vice-President election to be re-run because Mondo broke the rule that says only Union Officers on official union business are allowed at the Casual Dispatch Hall.

Try and argue your “visiting family” excuse at your up coming Trial Committee hearing, see what it gets you.

You say clown like it’s┬ábad thing.

Clowns make the world go round.