Who vets the Mayor of Long Beach’s citizen commissioner appointments?

Looks like a $50,000 contribution to the Mayor of Long Beach bought Bobby O Jr. and Local 13, several citizen commissioner appointments.

Bobby O Jr., called the Mayor of Long Beach and requested some longshoremen be appointed to some of the City’s commissions, and presto the Mayor’s Office requests a list of names from the President of ILWU Local 13.

According to the email sent from Mayor Robert Garcia to Devin Cotter, Local 13 Secretary/Treasurer Mark Williams is being appointed to the Pacific Gateway Workforce Investment Board apparently to represent labor as a representative of ILWU Local 13 and allegedly as a Delegate with the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor.

Problem is that the ILWU is not part of the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, and Mark Williams is not now and has never served as their Delegate.

The memo fails to mention that Mark Williams is under investigation by the DOL for filing false and misleading LM-2 reports and is in the middle of being recalled for his venomous sexually harassing attack against one of the female members of Local 13’s Executive Board at recent meeting. The secretaries at Local 13 refer to themselves as the Battered Wife’s Club, because of the way Mark treats them in the office.

Mark Williams is a pathetic abuser, who would not know the truth if it hit him between the eyes. He will not make a very good representative for the City.

Hopefully the Mayor will consider this before the 5pm meeting tonight.

Jerry Avila, Local 13 Health Benefits Officer, has already been appointed, and is due to be sworn in at 5pm tonight .

Jerry is under investigation by the DOL and the FBI for insurance fraud allegedly related to kick backs and activity related to a medical facility he owned that did business as Harbor View Medical Group.

Who vets the Mayor’s appointments?