What is going on at the Local 13 Casual Dispatch Hall?

What are Bobby O Jr.’s buddies up to at the Casual Dispatch Hall?

Jessie “Ungie” Lopez, the Casual Dispatcher, is letting Jerry “Scrub” Sanchez participate in dispatching and allowing him to pass out jobs.

Jessie knows better. Jessie knows that Big Bob just ruled; “It is without dispute that Local 13 has a rule that only union officers on official union business are permitted at the Casual Dispatch Hall.”

Is Jessie getting a kick back from “Scrub” selling his scab wear knock off Local 13 hats and shirts out of the Casual Dispatch Hall?

Scrub has no reason, other than to sell his scab wear, to be at the Casual Dispatch Hall.

It would not surprise me at all to find that Bobby O Jr. is getting a kick back from his buddy Scrub’s Local 13 scab wear.

Knock it off boys, before you get in big trouble.