What really happened at last weeks emergency Local 13 Executive Board meeting.

It has come to my attention that the main topic of last weeks emergency Local 13 Executive Board meeting was my little website, and how I get my information.

Bobby O and his “crew” made it clear that they are upset about the information my website presents, and barked claims that those who talk to me are destroying the union. At one point during the conversation Bobby stated that they would find out who was talking to me, and they would “demonize” who ever it is in front of the membership. The kiss of political death for who ever that is.

Bobby, in case you have not figured it out; there are no secrets on the waterfront, and your threats will no longer stop people from talking.

In the last 2 weeks this little website had over 10,000 page views, from over 1,800 unique visitors, who are interested in the truth.

All we are doing is holding up a mirror, if Local 13’s Officers don’t like what you see, don’t blame us.

Get your act together.