Did you know Jerry Avila was part owner of a Chiropractic Clinic called Harbor View Medical Group?

The latest buzz on Jerry Avila, Local 13 Health Benefits Officer, is that he was part owner of a Chiropractic Clinic in San Pedro called Harbor View Medical Group, but he shut it down after his wife found out about his girlfriend’s boob job and tummy tuck.

People reading about Jerry are starting to come forward with stories about his strong arm tactics related to his chiropractic business. Juicy stories that can’t be told quite yet, but will come out soon.

There are other longshoremen who own chiropractic clinics, but they are not Health Benefits Officers and as far as we know did not strong arm other clinics.

That may change as we heard that chiropractic was eliminated in the new Benefits Agreement based on the amount of fraud under the old Agreement.

What you going to do, when they come for you, Jerry?