There is no crying in baseball, but there is in Local 13 Executive Board meetings.

At last night’s Executive Board meeting, after Vivian’s husband left the drama queens came out in full regalia.

Vivian presented a letter under new business, addressing her concerns related to the way the E-Board does business in general and her concerns related to her treatment by Mark Williams at the last meeting.

That’s when the fur started to fly.

Sunshine started crying while claiming that Vivian was ruining the union and being selfish and self centered. Then as if on cue, Melody “Melon” broke out in tears and claimed Vivian is trying to get ahead by taking out the “fine” Secretary/Treasurer, and Julie Brady added her tears to the bucket, crying and complaining that it is so hard to be neutral, while watching Vivian ruin the status quo in the good old boy’s club.

Scotty Walker got so worked up he started strutting around swinging his man purse while complaining that Vivian took the union’s business to the internet and the E-Board is going to file charges against her because of the Facebook and website postings related to Mark’s “passionate” sexual harassment.

Classic abuser behavior of blaming the victim, then claiming to the be the victim themselves, combined with tears and personal attacks.

The funny thing is, the dumb shits think their pathetic tactics will work.

Ask Bobby “Kardashian” to see his Facebook posts from the night of the last Union meeting, in the bar at 1am with his girlfriend. Real Presidential Bobby. Bobbyphoto.php

Not this time boys. There is no crying at Executive Board meetings.

Go Vivian, go……

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