PMA responds to Local 13’s media blitz, by publishing the Union’s job cuts in the Journal of Commerce.

The PMA responded to Bobby O’s PR media blitz on Friday, by publishing their statistics on the skilled operator jobs cut by Local 13’s 8.51 plan to dispatch only “certified” drivers.

JOC Article on job cuts

Where are all the articles defending the Union, Bobby?

Time for another media blitz?

Might as well get something for the $30,000 per month you are paying Local 13’s PR firm.

A firm recommended by the Local’s million dollar a year lawyers, and hired by Bobby without agreement from the Local 13 Publicity Committee as he claims.

Tonight, Dean mcGrath, President of Local 23, Tacoma, WA, has called all the members to the dispatch hall for a meeting at 5PM to protest the lack of night work caused by his “work safely” at 20 moves per hour program initiated on October 31, 2014, and he invited KING5 News.

Did Dean and Bobby miss the written memo put out calling for a gag order on speaking to the press?




1934 Arbitration Decision and background.

Here is a copy of the 1934 Arbitration Decision that became the foundation of the current PCLCD.

1934 Arbitration Award and background

The Employers brought in the President of the ILA and claimed that he represented the West Coast longshoremen.

The West Coast longshoremen voted to be represented by their own strike committee and longshoremen in every Port on the West Coast, except Tacoma who stayed ILA until 1958, voted to be represented by the ILWU and Harry Bridges.

1934 Strike background on ILA

The Employers keep asking for the Union to allow them to do something that they have had the right to do since 1934; introduce labor saving devices.

From the start the ILWU made it a point to work with their employers, rather than against them, but they also made it clear they wanted to be part of the process and not dictated to, a demand that has bothered some employers to this day.

Knowing history helps to understand who the players are and what they are up to.

The ILWU needs the PMA and the PMA needs the ILWU, it is a mutual admiration society that has worked since 1934.

The last guy to head up PMA tried to change the relationship. He is gone and they are still here.

This will be worked out in short order, because it is both parties interests to do so.

Hang in there and support your negotiating team.



Bobby O kicks off Local 13’s new PR blitz with a plagiarized article from the JOC explaining mediation.

Usually when the parties enter into mediation both sides agree to cool the rhetoric, and enter into a cooling off period.

Bobby O announced at last nights Union meeting that Local 13 has hired a PR firm and the Local is going to respond to the negative things being said in the press.

Bobby kicked his program off by plagiarizing an article on mediation written by JOC writer Joseph Bonney ( and putting it out as his work product in Bulletin #01-15.

Here is Bobby’s Bulletin – Local13-bulletin-01-15

Here is the JOC Article – JOC_Mediation_Article

Next, he posted a new high quality video on Local 13’s website that attempts to accuse PMA of deception.

The video shows docks that are not working, cranes and hoisting equipment that are idle, and plays music that made me feel like I should cry. I actually started to feel sorry for PMA.

Bobby, we all know that the PMA stopped working at night. We also know it was because of your cutting jobs under your 8.51 plan.

What do you think you are proving to “the public”, other than you are stupid, not a team player, and you hire PR guys that know nothing about the industry, as evidenced by his “letter” to Macy’s?

Bobby, in case your PR guy did not tell you, the newspapers that have been writing stuff you did not like, the guys you plan to set straight, are on the Employers side, not the Union side. They will tear you apart.

Bobby, you need to stop all this self serving nonsense and get with the team. Time to shut up and follow Big Bob’s lead, he is calling the shots.  You need to support Big Bob and your negotiating team.



What happens when the Federal Mediator gets involved?

Here is a copy of the FMCS announcement regarding the agreement by both PMA and the ILWU to enter into Mediation.


Also, here is a great article from the JOC explaining the role of the Federal Mediator in the bargaining process.


Congratulations to both parties for taking this positive step.



Local 13 President threatens casuals who, “go in early” or “disrespect” Union Business Agents.

Bobby O Jr., Local 13 President, went to the casual hall and threatened the casuals, who “go in early” or “disrespect” the Union’s Business Agents.

Hear it for yourself by clicking the following link:


Pathetic, and disrespectful to the future union members (casuals) and the Union as a whole.



Local 13 goes public asking PMA to place orders, claiming the Union will fill them, while PMA issues News release asking Local to stop refusing to fill crane driver orders.

Local 13 took to the news cameras today to request PMA place orders and the Union will fill them, in response to PMA’s announcement that they only plan to order 1 gang per ship.


PMA responded by issuing the following press release. PMA-Press-Release-01-02-2015 & PMA-Fact-Sheet-on-ILWU-Slowdowns-01-02-2015

Stop talking and start negotiating. Both sides need to stop chasing their tails, and work out a contract.



Who is Adan Ortega, and why is he releasing a letter the ILWU wrote to Macy’s.

According the following article published on the Journal of Commerce’s web page, JOC-Article1-1-15, ILWU representative Adan Ortega released a letter sent to Macy’s related to the Employer’s announcement that they plan to start ordering only 1 gang per vessel.

Why write to Macy’s, and why release this kind of information? How about releasing the details of the PMA offer that was rejected by the Union?

PMA’s move is bold, and on first glance seems like something that may motivate the Union into changing their strategy and possibly agree to mediation, however it is a little like cutting their nose to spite their face.

Because PMA has refused to register new longshoremen they are employing a great number of casuals, on a daily basis.

Cutting gangs on the night shift, will cause the night workers to work on the dayside and the casuals will lose their work to the registered longshoremen who make the switch.

The Union has the ability to shift and shrink in a way that allows them to continue doing what they are doing.

PMA on the other hand needs the casual hours to fund the benefits that get paid to registered workers. PMA depends on the assessments on casual hours, for benefits that they are not eligible for, to fund the money they pay toward the registered workers benefits.  No casuals will not hurt the Union, but will cost the Employers.

Both sides need to quit playing games, and get back to the table and hammer out their differences, for everyone’s sake.