PMA & ILWU announce tentative agreement on Healthcare Benefits. So what?

Been negotiating since May 12th and all they have to announce is a partial agreement on 1 issue. BFD

They are so proud of themselves that they have to announce every little thing they do, but of course there are no details.

Would not surprise me to hear the Union tell their members, they have to wait until they ratify before they can find out the secret details.

The rest of the agreement, mostly dealing with steady men bump pay, should not take that long, but who knows with Big Bob and his clown circus.

Chug, chug, chug……..




How many ILWU mechanics does it take to plug in a Portlandia refrigerator generator?

None. Thanks to Leal and the rest of the ILWU Local 8 brain trust.

Read the letter form the Director of the Port of Portland, giving the ILWU mechanics the boot.

Reefer work reassignment

The letter speaks for itself and explains why the ILWU lost the work in question.

Time to start electing some new change union officers. or watch more of the same behavior from other employers.