OSHA doesn’t require training, the Employers don’t require training, Bobby Olvera Jr. and the ILWU require training.

Safety and training are big words on the waterfront, since Bobby O Jr and Frank Ponce decided to stop providing qualified but not trained crane drivers during the recent PCLCD contract negotiations.

Cute, since Bobby Olvera Jr. was never trained himself. There are no JPLRC Minutes that show Bobby O was ever crane trained, yet he has been certified to drive cranes by PMA.

For years longshoremen have been training each other on the job, just like Bobby O was, and the Employers had absolutely no safety problem with those deemed qualified as a result.

OSHA has no training requirements. The OSHA requirements for equipment operators are simple. You must be 18 years old, know hand signals, and be acceptable to the Employer.

Funny how the ILWU is not mentioned, but yet they seem to be calling the shots related to who is safe to drive equipment.

The only reason Bobby O and his buddies are getting away with this bull shit is that PMA is letting them.

This is not a safety issue, it is a greed issue and the equally greedy PMA is letting the Union do what they are doing because they are making money.

Chug, chug, chug…….