Local 13’s Grievance Committee’s latest attempt to bully members is not going to end the way they expected. They got 2 Discrimination claims, 1 Section 13.2 & 1 Section 13.3.

Local 13’s latest attempt, on Harry Bridges’ Birthday, to use the Grievance Committee to bully members, under the guise of chiseling complaints, did not go the way they expected.

When Steven Black went to Local 13 today to file his Section 13.3 complaint against Local 13 Grievance Committee, Mark Mascola refused to take it. Mark told the secretary not to give Steve’s Union Complaint a number, and told Steve that he would have to reword it and make it a Section 13.2 Complaint.

Mark did however take the Complaint and made 2 copies.

Not really a problem for Steve’s representative, Eric Aldape, who just gave a copy to the other half of the JPLRC, PMA.

Looks like Mark Mascola (PMA’s pick for the next Southern California ILWU Arbitrator) is trying to be the next Judge Roy Bean. Kinda like the next Dread Pirate Roberts did in the movie Princes’ Bride.

Steve did not tell Mark that he had already filed a Section 13.2 complaint with Arbitrator Jan Holmes, but he probably knows now as Local 13 was faxed a copy as required by the procedure.

Wonder if some of the Employers are starting to rethink their choice?

Chug, chug, chug……..