ILWU International Ballot mailed out, and screaming for write-in’s.

With the exception of Local 10’s past President, Ed Ferris, every one of the listed candidates voted for the 3-year extension and allowed the Contract to be opened to negotiate a pay increase for the LA/LB steady crane drivers guarantee (stay home) pay.

If there ever was a time to do a write-in to show the current leadership that your are not happy about the LA/LB steady men now getting $1,032 per week to stay home for 2 days; now is that time.

Current leadership opened the contract to give  $20 million to 400 steady crane drivers in LA, and nothing for anyone else.

Write in anyone you like, or just don’t vote at all, except for Ed Ferris.

Send the corrupt leadership a message.

Homey don’t play that.