Deano quit. Who is going to replace him?

Last week, under a cloud of controversy, Local 23 President, Deano McGrath resigned.

The sign-up sheet has been posted.

Looks like Roger got his brother to drop out, so he could show everyone he is the shot caller in his family. Just like Roger, who would stab anyone in the back to get what he wants, even his own family.

Vance decided to throw his hat in the ring, after all Phil’s family has been running the Local forever.

Todd thinks his kiss ass Newsletter will get him elected.

Jed is the guy trying to help Basher get Mike accused of assaulting Chuck, and a total fucking moron.

Jim is an unknown at this time.

Aaron was the Crane Safety guy, and seems interested in stepping up.

Time to give someone new a shot?

Local 23 has been electing the same clique of guys for years.

Time to get rid of Basher and his crew of ball washers?

Time to go in a different direction, maybe even in the direction of actually representing all the workers and not just friends and family?

Of all the guys who have thrown their hats in the ring, Aaron Kamel would be my pick.

He is a straight shooter and won’t take shit from Basher or his PMA buddies.

He might even save the Local some money, by cutting down on the number of NLRB charges being filed.

What do you think?