Pathetic liars like Justin Hirsch and his scumbag lawyer, Rob Lavitt, show why the ILWU is corrupt and failing the honest working longshoremen they claim to represent.

Check out the bold faced lie in the letter Justin wrote to deny a member’s request for Seattle JPLRC Minutes.

JPLRC Minutes DO NOT contain any confidential information, and DO NOT require substantial time and resources to review. That is a bold faced lie.

There is no burden in giving a member a copy of the JPLRC Minutes. They are provided by PMA and all that is needed is for a secretary to open a file cabinet and pull out a copy.

These are the same JPLRC Minutes that PMA distributes to all their member companies.

Justin Hirsch and Little Richie Austin are claiming that the PMA is distributing longshore workers confidential information to their member companies, and that is OK with the Union, they just don’t want other longshoremen to get access to this alleged confidential information.

Really? What confidential information is Justin talking about?

Someone should ask Justin and Rich what confidential information they are allowing PMA to distribute to their members.

Denying members information is a direct violation of the Union’s promise to give all the information to the membership, so they can do the right thing.

Justin is just a pathetic little liar, who will be on the hot seat when he gets called to testify at the NLRB Hearing scheduled for October 15, 2019.

Also on the hot seat will be Local 19’s scumbag lawyer, Rob Lavitt.

Lying Rob filed the following legal document with the NLRB claiming Karey has no legal right to unredacted JPLRC Minutes.

This is the same Rob Lavitt that signed the following NLRB Settlement Agreement stating that employees have a legal right to unredacted JPLRC Minutes.

So, longshoremen in Local 23 have a legal right to unredacted JPLRC Minutes, but Karey from Local 19 has no legal right to unredacted JPLRC Minutes?

That in a nutshell is why Unions are failing.

Liars should not prosper, and liars in Unions are no exception.

Does anyone really think that scumbag Rob will let me ask Justin to explain his lies during the Hearing on October 15th?

I predict the liars will settle, and the Settlement will contain a non admission of guilt clause, because that is what scumbag lawyers do.

What do you think?