JOC article clearly lays blame for Port congestion at the doorstep of the ILWU, for hard-timing the Employer with slowdowns and refusing to dispatch crane drivers.

The war of words continues, with Local 13 putting ILWU-pacific-maritime-deception-2 on their website, along with their new wall of supporters.

The music did not make me feel like crying, like part 1 did, this time it is just plain irritating.  They should have used the Jaws, shark going to bite you music, or the theme from a spaghetti western like The Good, the Bad, and The Ugly.

I for one, can hardly wait for part 3; Bringing Back The Steady Men.

The JOC must not be getting the right message from the new ILWU representative, Adan Ortega, Government Affairs Consultant.

The JOC lays blame at the doorstep of the Union, accusing longshoremen of hard-timing the Employers since early November.

US West Coast congestion hits new high as ILWU, PMA lay blame on manning |

Mean while, back at the ranch, the negotiations continue. In secret.