ILWU members march for M&R work and to get PMA to restart the 2nd shift . Don’t you just feel for those poor downtrodden longshoremen?

The day after the ILWU Political rally/Union marches in Los Angeles and Tacoma, both sides continue to try and negotiate in the press.

The day of the rally, the JOC printed an article that explained the purpose of the march was to urge the PMA to resolve the jurisdiction over chassis M&R. The article is the first to explore the M&R issue and to explain that the M&R work in dispute is work now done by IAM mechanics under the exception in the PCLCD.

ILWU rally to press employers to resolve chassis M&R issue |

At the rally, and publicly, Local 13 is saying very little about the M&R issue, they seem more interested in making noise about PMA’s decisions to limit vessel work and stop 2nd shift work.

While the ILWU was marching around, for reasons that are not clear or the same in both Ports, PMA was using their media connections to make their case related to the Union’s slowdowns, in another JOC article published on the 23rd.

slowdown0123  Data points to ILWU slowdowns, PMA says |

In Los Angeles, the Union claimed to be marching to get the Employers to hire night shift workers and to capture M&R repair work that is done by the IAM, and the work done by the new NON-PMA chassis leasing companies.

Also on the 23rd, the Union tried to take their case to the public using their media connection an the Press Telegram to have them print an article about Local 13, along with the Clerks and Walking Boss Locals, complaining to the Port about 2 PMA members allegedly being fined for violating PMA’s rules.

The Union said nothing about the M&R work, they simply denied the Employers claims without providing any explanation, and accused PMA of refusing to order, to pressure the dockworkers.


The more information that becomes public, the harder it is to understand why the ILWU is refusing to present the PMA’s offer to their Caucus, and exactly what the problem is.

Maybe if the Union spent less time talking to people who have nothing to do with the negotiations, and more time doing their jobs, they could git er done.