Did you know, PMA and the ILWU steady men have a separate calendar for Steady Crane Operators, just to make it impossible to compare hall man hours to steady man hours?

Check out the 2015 PMA Payroll Calendar and the 2015 PMA Steady Crane Operator Calendars. PMA 2015 Payroll Calendar

PMA 2015 Payroll Calendar

PMA 2015 Steady Crane Driver Calendar

Steady Crane Calendar for 2015-2016

Does something look odd to you?

The Steady Crane Operator calendar has 14 months, and starts in week 10 of the payroll calendar. Why?

How can the hall men compare their earnings to the steady men, when they are not using the same calendar? They cannot.

That is why the steady man calendar exists. All PMA statistical reports, including the quarterly manpower and earnings reports, are based on the payroll calendar.

There is no reason to have a separate calendar other than to create confusion, and allow for deception, making it impossible to compare hall man hours with steady man hours.

Oh, no. There is one reason, and that reason is a gimmick designed to allow steady men to get paid 28 out of 28 days, every month. (20 shifts of work + 8 bump days = 28 days paid) The steady caucus delegates removed the words calendar month from the equalization language and replaced them with 13 4 week periods. Thus creating a new 28 day monthly calendar. Greed personified.

The steady men have, according to page 207 of the PCLCD, 13 4 week periods on their yearly calendar, so they can work 20 out of 28 days every month, in order to maximize their earnings. This is a calendar based on pure greed, and has 14 4 week periods, not 13 like the contract calls for. That is 56 weeks in their year. How does that work? 

When steady men check in at the hall, what hours do they use? The hours from their 4 week calendar, or the PMA payroll calendar used by the hall men? Doesn’t matter, no one can check their hours anyway. There secret.

This program of deception has been working so well for the steady crane drivers, that Bobby O Jr. decided to switch all the other steady men to the steady crane driver calendar. Can he just change the contract like that? 

Bobby O Jr. wants to make it impossible for the hall men to see if the 22 shift limitation for the Dock Work steady men is being adhered to.

Way to go Bobby, now all the steady men will love you.

Can’t say the hall men will feel the same way.

This is how the steady men Union officers screw the hall men.

Why do the members keep electing these con men who screw over the hall?

Chug, chug, chug…..