Mike Dimon, aka [email protected], past Chairman of the Grievance Committee and current Chairman of the Registration Committee, has a new nickname; Catfish.

Catfish aka Mike Dimon has been posting nasty comments from the start of this blog. He is the reason I changed the comment process to require approval of comments before they are posted.

For of those of you that do not know: A catfish is someone who pretends to be someone they’re not using Facebook or other social media to create false identities, particularly to pursue deceptive online romances. 

Check out some of his recent attempts:

“Jim, I hope you and the Dopey one get what you ask for here. I feel our dispatch hall is a sacred place where the rule of low man out was fought for, and won by some brave brothers by the spilling of their blood. If you think the fine schedule for the internal grievance committee (look up LMRDA) of local 13 is rough or unfair, I can’t wait till the employer gets their pound of flesh with sec 17.81. I’ll be there cheering them on. Go ahead, get PMA involved and their penalty schedule. Fines, time off and deregistration. Maybe chiselers will stop chiseling once this starts happening, good luck.” 8-20-15 at 1:17 am


“Please answer Jim. Why would Erica Dopey subject our members to section 17 of the PCLCD when the penalty could be deregistration? See 17.81” 8-20-15 at 11:11 pm.

Looks like Mike got upset about an email I sent to him and used his cell phone to respond, forgetting that his name and email address would show up.

“Wow. That’s pretty harsh (not the deregistration thing, the go fuck yourself thing). But anyway, even you must know sec 17 belongs to the employer. And that the LMRDA allows for internal grievance. And that labor unions traditional prefer internal discipline. So if Eric wants to change this, why all the stratagem? Why not go about it in a way to achieve change? It’s confusing for just a rank n filer not caught up in all the political games.

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Catfish and his buddies have been using the Local 13 Grievance Committee to bully and intimidate members, for their own purposes for years.

The Union Grievance Committee is for resolving internal Union grievances dealing with Union rules. That is what the LMRDA says.

The Labor Relations Committee is for resolving any and all complaints related to the Pacific Coast Longshore Contract Document, and subordinate Agreements.

Section 17 says any and all grievances related to the PCLCD, including dispatch violations, shall be resolved by the Joint Port Labor Relations Committee.

Local 13’s “Leadership” has been using the Grievance Committee to lie to the membership, telling them they have to use the Union’s Grievance Committee, because the LMRDA says the Union can enforce their rules without interference from the Employer.

Problem is, that only applies to the Union’s club rules, NOT the labor agreement with the Employers.

Section 17 says it is the duty and the responsibility of the JPLRC to resolve any and all complaints related to the PCLCD, including dispatch rule violations like chiseling.

If you, or anyone you know has a complaint related to the job and/or the contract, and the Union refuses to accept it, give it to the PMA, they are the other half of the JPLRC.

Local 13 Officials have been using the Grievance Committee to go after those members they do not like, and to keep people like the Greek from running against them.

Local 13 Officials along with corrupt PMA types, used to allow members to file assault charges against each other, until Eric filed a Section 13.3 grievance against them for trying to process Victor Hodak’s phony assault charge against him.

It wasn’t until Eric produced ILWU member Bob Frazier’s the 9th Circuit Court Of Appeals Decision, which says that only the Employer can file assault charges, and the CLRC agreed, that Hudak’s phony assault charge went away.

Now Hudak, another of Frank Ponce de Leon’s puppets, who knows nothing about the Contract, is going to run for Secretary/Treasurer. Not good for the rank-and-file, unless you are a Ponce de Leon.

Time for the Grievance Committee to stop bullying members, and start process chiseling complaints with the JPLRC in accordance with  Section 17 of the PCLCD.

Local 13 also needs to take all the fines they have “on the books”, “off the books” and notify each member in writing that they have done so.

Local 13 also needs to refund any and all “fines” they collected from members unilaterally, and in violation of the PCLCD, and hope they don’t ask for interest.

Question everything, ask for proof, and don’t take no for an answer.

Chug, chug, chug…..