If you, or someone you know, were fined by the Local 13 Grievance Committee for chiseling or any other alleged dispatch rule violation, you may be eligible to have your fine expunged and any money you paid refunded.

Eric Aldape ran for Grievance Committee because he was fed up with watching his fellow members being bullied and intimidated by their own Union.

According to Eric; Longshoremen are not in the business of abusing other members and fining them months worth of earnings, thousands of dollars, over dispatch violations.

Eric is fed up with watching the Grievance Committee selectively pursue certain members and hit some with huge fines, which they then “held over their heads” for 5 years.

This is being done for several reasons but one of the big ones is to keep them from running for elected office, because if they have outstanding fines they are not members in good standing and not eligible to run for any elected position.

If the person does not bow down they way they were expected to, they are told they have to pay a portion of the fine immediately.

Rumor has it, Eric explained to the Committee that the Union Grievance Committee was created to deal with violations of Union rules and they had no right to deal with JPLRC dispatch rule violations, or any other contract violations.

Rumor has it that after Eric left, one of the Union’s lawyers stopped by and explained to the Committee that Eric was right, whereupon some of the members got so angry steam was seen coming out of their ears.

Be that as it may, today Eric filed his own Section 13.3 complaint against the Local 13 Grievance Committee.

Click here to see the entire complaint: Eric РGrievance Committee Section 13.3 complaint UC-33-2015

If Eric is successful, and he has a very good case, he will require Local 13 to write to each member that was fined for chiseling and tell them their fines are “off the books” and each member that paid money be given a total refund.

Chug, chug, chug……