Bobby O Jr’s “make whole” con is starting to fall apart according to Local 13 Bulletin #43-15.

Bobby O Jr. has started to address the problems created by his Hall Crane Driver “make whole” con.

Check out Local 13 Bulletin #43-15.

Bobby, if you want your members to add hours, for dispatch purposes, you need to get hours put onto pay check stubs.

Instead of telling your members to add hours they are not getting credit for, how about telling PMA to report the hours on the pay checks they issue.

Bobby, did you really think you could get away without paying the assessments on the 2 hours of “make whole” payments to the Hall Crane Drivers?

Did you think you could get away with it, because for the last 15 years the Employers have been paying $55 per day to the day side steady men, without reporting any hours, or paying any assessments?

Helping the Employers steal over 130 million dollars from your members benefits funding is not enough, you want to pile more on with your “make whole” con?

Yeah, that’s right, over $130 million that you helped steal. The same $130 million that Eric is demanding be made whole, in the 13.3 complaint just filed regarding the $55 bonus payments.

Bobby, what are you going to do when your members refuse to add hours that they are not getting on their pay check stubs?

Are you going to have Mike Dimon file chiseling charges against them and fine them thousands of dollars?

Bobby, all you are doing is proving that Eric was right. Your con is having an adverse impact on dispatching.

Nice try, now what?