Does Frank Ponce de Leon’s “Clique” decide which Local 13 volunteers get paid?

Who decided to start paying the “volunteer” members of the Local 13 Executive Board?

Frank Ponce de Leon’s “Clique” is still very much in control of Local 13, including deciding which of their friends on the Executive Board gets paid for their volunteer work, using his current puppet President, Bobby Odor Jr.

Controlling the rank-and-file thru fear, intimidation, deception and lies is how “The Clique” operates.

Union meetings are short, nothing of substance is discussed, and minutes are not made available to the rank-and-file. Everything is secret.

Members who ask questions or dare to disagree with the “Clique” are subjected to personal attacks and labeled anti-union. If your real lucky Frank will turn your wife in at her job, for using her email to push a flier, or call 911 on a member for going into an alley.

Negotiations have been going on since May 12th, and no information about what is going on is being given to the membership, NONE.

Secret negotiations lead to disastrous agreements like the PNW Grain agreement.

The union negotiators never told the rank-and-file anything about the contract until it was a done deal, then told them they had to approve it “because it was better than nothing”.

Unless Local 13 wakes up and replaces “The Clique” with new leadership, the ILWU Dispatch Hall is on its way out and the longshore employers will be calling their workers from home using their new shape-up iPhone application, and all you will hear from the union is, “PMA made us do it.”

Time to wake up Local 13.

Time to vote for new leaders.

Time to elect Eric Aldape Vice-President, and put the Hall back in control.