Election fraud at Local 13 or just plain incompetence?

Hard to say exactly what is going on during the Local 13 election process. It could be fraud, or it could be simple incompetence.

At the end of the last election, right before the count, one of the member judges asked the pensioners conducting the election to tell him the totals for the number of members signed/scanned in and the total number of ballots to be counted.

Seems like a simple question, and the information requested was easily available to the pensioners getting ready to conduct the count.

The number of members signing in and the number of ballots to be counted should be the same. No problem, right?

Wrong, instead of answering the simple question, the pensioners turned to Mark Williams and asked him if they could answer and he said NO, and told the pensioners that the member would have to fill out a request for information and submit it to the Local.

According to the Local 13 Constitution, the elections are run by the pensioners, who wanted to answer the question asked by the member, but Mark Williams stepped in and told them not to answer, so they did not.

The reason the number signed in is compared to the number of ballots, is to prevent ballot stuffing, which is where someone stuffs a bunch of phony ballots in the boxes to change the outcome of the election.

We are not saying that Mark Williams and the Clique are stuffing the ballot boxes, but they could be. Why else would he refuse to answer the simple question posed by the member?

After a secret meeting, where he allegedly counted the number of members signing in and the number of ballots counted, Mark Williams announced that the numbers were the same, but the judges observing the election will never know if the results were tampered with because, it was done in secret after the  fact.

Election fraud or simple incompetence, what do you think?