Why is Local 13’s leadership so afraid of Eric Aldape?

Why are Local 13’s corrupt Officers so afraid of Eric Aldape?

In a word, because he is honest.

Eric Aldape is a straight talking honest longshoreman, who scares the shit out of the current Local 13 leadership because he is just that, honest.

Bobby O Jr., Mark Williams, Julie Brady, Mark Mascola, Harry Dong, and the rest of the corrupt current leaders of Local 13 are so used to lying and deceiving the Local that they do not know what to do with someone who tells the truth, and does not keep secrets from the membership.

Why else would they have let Mondo Porras run again in the election that he caused to be re-run, as a result of his breaking the rules?

Why else would they manipulate the Trial Committee procedure to prevent Eric’s complaint against Mondo from going before the membership?

Why else would Mark Williams refuse to put Eric on the agenda for the Executive Board Meeting, twice, after receiving 2 request letters from Eric?

Eric can not go to the Union Offices, because of Mark Williams’ claims that he is a threat to the office workers. Mark called the police 3 times when Eric came to pay his dues, then threatened to fire the guard if he let Eric in to pay his dues, because he is afraid of Eric.

Mark is not afraid for the safety of the office staff, he is afraid of what Eric will do if he gets elected.

The Clique is so afraid of Eric, that they allowed the guy who broke the rules that caused the election to be re-run, to run again, because they are afraid Eric would win with Mondo and the twin out of the race.

If Eric had been the one found guilty of breaking the rules, there is no way he would have been allowed to run again. No way in hell.

Mondo got 901 of the 2413 ballots cast, which is 37.3% of the total voters who cast ballots. For some reason 231 members did not vote for Vice-President at all.

Just think, if all the members who did not vote for Mondo including the 231 who did not vote for V-P, vote for Eric, he will be the next Vice-President.

Mondo has proved he is only there to prevent Eric from getting elected, he has done absolutely nothing during his 6 months in office, except take a paid vacation. Bobby and the Clique brought in Chris Viramontes to do Mondo’s job and negotiate the supplements, in secret of course because the membership does not need to know what is going on with their Union. After all the Clique knows best, and if you do not know that you must be anti-union.

Time for the membership to speak, and tell the Clique they are tired of secrets and lies.

Time for the membership to vote, and tell the Clique they want transparency and honesty.

Time for the membership to elect Eric Aldape Vice-President, and tell the Clique to take a hike.