ILWU & PMA issue another round of dueling memo’s, while in Mediation. Local 23 jumps in with King5 TV.

Yesterday, PMA issued another press release explaining their frustration with the Union’s continued slow down tactics and offered a very general description of the offer currently on the table.


The International responded with their own press release, posted on their website.


And, last night in Tacoma, Wa, Local 23 President Dean mcGrath tried to blame everything on the PMA.

KIng5_Local 23_press_release and King5_Local23_video

All this activity is going on while the parties are in meeting with a Federal Mediator. Not a good sign.

The Union is trying to take their message to the public. Trying being the operative word.

This is starting to look more like 2002 every day, especially now that the ILWU is breaking their own gag order on talking to the press, as evidenced by Bobby O’s press conference last week and Dean’s dog and pony show last night.

If they spent half as much energy on negotiating, they might just get a contract.