What’s up with the chassis pool in the LA/LB Ports, and who is going to do the M&R work currently done by the ILWU?

The PMA Employer Shipping Lines have decided to get out of the chassis business, one of the main contributors to congestion according to numerous articles addressing congestion in the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach.

Labor contracts do not automatically transfer so, if the PMA Shipping Lines have no interest in the new Businesses, they have no say in who does the M&R work previously done by ILWU mechanics.

If PMA member companies have no say in the work, what are they talking about at negotiations?

How about explaining that in one of the dueling memos?

Interesting decision by the new chassis businesses, to use ILWU or to not use ILWU?

Bobby should be getting something for all the political contributions he made, he should call his friends at the Mayor’s office and the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach to get them to help the ILWU convince the new chassis businesses to use ILWU mechanics to do their M&R work.

They have to know, that if they use any other mechanics, other than ILWU mechanics, when the chassis hit the docks, what ever was repaired will be subject to safety inspection, which will create a bigger problem than now exists.

Wonder what they will do?

Read the JOC Article published today discussing the dueling memos and M&R jurisdiction.

ILWU-PMA trade painful blows as talks reach eight-month mark | JOC.com

Doesn’t look like Bobby’s and Dean’s efforts to get the ILWU message out is working, at least on the JOC.