“Pirate” Dean McGrath becomes “Dr. Pirate” Dean McGrath when presiding over Local 23’s Executive Board Meetings.

Check out the Employer Complaint filed against a Local 23 crane driver for allegedly bending the joy sticks in a crane at Ports America’s Pierce County Terminal, in the Port of Tacoma.

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For those who prefer PDF format click here; Tacoma JPLRC EC-21-16

This is what it looks like when a couple of steady mechanics are out to get you. They get the Employer, in this case Ports America to file a Complaint like the one filed against Kevin Arneberg.

Mechanics do not go up and check the joy sticks after every crane driver leaves the cab, and there are no cameras in the cabs, so how did the Company decide that Kevin bent them?

The “proof” offered that Kevin “did it” is the allegation that he did the same thing on 2 prior occasions, neither of which were documented and 1 of which is outside the 30 day deadline for filing Complaints.

Looks like “Dr. Pirate” Dean and the rest of the Medical Staff on the Executive Board, think they are Dr. Drew (based on their personal experience or watching way too much reality TV) and they have decided to require Kevin to complete a 28 day inpatient program. For what? Bending joy sticks?

Travel Alert issued for travelers thinking of working in the Port of Tacoma. Double check the Lineup rules, a violation could cost you all the money you earn + $50, if you are a girl; or no fine and no dispatch to Tacoma for 6 months, if you are a guy. Not sure what they do about transgender people, do they get penalized based on their birth gender or how they identify themselves today?

On a positive note, the Anti-Bullying fundraising dinner was a success raising $278.74.

Seems like the money could be put to good use trying to educate the members of the Executive Board so they will stop bullying Travelers and Local 23 members they do not like.

On a financial note, it is interesting to see that last month the Local spent $3,622 on jackets and hats and only $784.39 on legal fees.

Was Bernie’s jacket included?

More to come, for sure…….