Has Mark Williams lost his mind?

What was Mark Williams thinking last week at the Local 13 Executive Board meeting when he lashed out at Vivian with a venomous personal attack including insulting sexual gestures and foul and abusive language?

Mark Williams seems to be feeling the pressure of several Federal investigations, including his false LM-2 reporting, and decided to take it out on Vivian, because he thinks he can do anything he wants at a union meeting. He is wrong.

That my friends is the heart of the problem.

Local 13 officers, including Bobby O Jr., think they can do anything they want at a union meeting, because of the oath of secrecy that all members take.

Local 13 officers and their puppet Arbitrator, “Judge Roy Bean” Miller have tried to squash any person who dared to challenge them or their rules, just like they tried to squash Eric.

Well it did not work with Eric and it will not work with Vivian, because they punch back.

Mark Williams refuses to allow Eric into the union offices to protect the office workers, then attacks Vivian in the union offices.

Mark Williams has lost his mind, and has to go.