Mark Williams broke the Zero tolerance rule.

Seems like Mark Williams did not like being questioned about the lack of use of the Local’s email blast to inform members about the dock fire last week.

He does not understand that the membership could and would forgive him for leaving work early to join some friends at a local sports bar to watch Monday Night Football. All he needed to do was say he screwed up, and the membership would forgive him, after all, we all make mistakes and longshoremen are some of the most forgiving people in the world.

Because of the lack of leadership in the local to teach Mark the proper way to manage a situation, he fell back on what he has learned from watching former leaders like Chris Viramontes and David Arian and, he resorted to abusing the person asking the question, just for asking the question.

Mark does not understand that while normal abusive behavior is accepted on the waterfront, our society has Zero tolerance for abusive sexual harassment. Mark’s behavior toward Vivian would have resulted in immediate termination in any other industry.

Bobby O Jr. was informed about what happened at the meeting, and instead of doing the right thing and immediately removing Mark from Office, he asked to have until Wednesday to respond to Vivian’s grievance.

Bobby O Jr. has until Wednesday to do the right thing, if not the matter will take on a life of it’s own and move to Big Bob’s desk in San Francisco.