Chicken Shit Rich Austin is so afraid of Eric Aldape he pissed his pants and cancelled a 17.41 hearing, when he realized that Eric would be representing a Local 19 member.

Local 19 President, Rich Austin, is such a chicken shit and so afraid of Eric Aldape that on September 26, 2016, he canceled Karey’s Section 17.41 hearing, claiming Karey did not have the right to be represented by another A-registered longshoreman.

Both Rich and dip-shit Doug Stearns form PMA, both told Eric and Karey they would look into the matter of representation and get back to them.

In stead of doing that, Rich and his ball washing dispatchers decided to retaliate against Karey, and Darren Woeck filed a grievance against Karey, because Karey said he was going to file a 13.3 against Darren when he caught him putting names on the dispatch pads, again, prior to the start of dispatch on September 26, 2016, (The same day Rich pissed his pants.)

Or for those who prefer PDF; Karey UC-32-2016

On February 28, 2017, Karey received a letter from the JPLRC informing him that he had been found guilty of violating Section 17.125 of the PCLCD.

Or for those who prefer PDF; Karey JPLRC letter 2-24-17

Karey will be filing another claim of discriminatory application of contract language in violation of Section 13.3 and of retaliation against him, because of his activity for or against the Union, because he filed complaints against the dispatchers for placing names on dispatch pads prior to the start of dispatch.

Processing a grievance filed against one employee by another employee, in this case a dispatcher, is a direct violation of the procedure agreed to in CLRC meeting #21-12, Item 3.

No employer complaint was filed against Karey within 30 days of the alleged violation, and he was not cited to appear by the JPLRC.

According to CLRC #21-12, item 3; “only the Employers have standing to file a complaint under Section 17.81,” which is the Section that should have been used to file the complaint.

Or for those who prefer PDF; CLRC-021-2012

Section 17.125 is a sub-section on Section 17.12: “The duties of the Joint Port Labor Relations Committee.”

When the JPLRC finishes an investigation, only the Employer has the standing to file a complaint under Section 17.81 and that did not happen.

Karey went to the JPLRC meeting on December 1, 2016, to discuss his Section 13.3 complaint against the dispatchers and get an answer to his requests for the 30-day rule for filing complaints in Seattle and to get an answer to his question related to representation at Section 17.41 hearings, as that is why his hearing on September 26, 2016, was canceled by Rich Austin.

Karey did not know the JPLRC was going to process the complaint filed by the dispatcher, in retaliation for his 13.3 complaint related to putting names on dispatch slips prior to the start of dispatch, as he had received no notice by the JPLRC.

Karey was asked who his witnesses were. He was a little stunned by the questions and while he was thinking of what he was going to say, Tom Clay from TTI blurted out, “We already know what you did.”

Karey thought Tom’s statement was odd, but he decided to answer, told the JPLRC who his witnesses were and left the meeting.

When Karey received the letter of warning dated February 24, 2016, he realized that the JPLRC found him guilty without ever talking to his witnesses, based on a grievance filed by another longshoreman in clear violation of CLRC #21-12, item 3, because of his activity for or against the Union.

Why does Rich, and the rest of the ILWU Officers including the Coast, want to keep the information related to grievance procedures and process in the CLRC minutes hidden from their members?

Are they that insecure and desperate to keep power that they won’t share information with their members?

Harry Bridges would never behaved like this, he kept no secrets and accepted all challengers. He would be flat out ashamed of the current leadership with their redacted minutes and lying Officials.

Why would Rich flat out lie to his member, and the NLRB, about the CLRC procedure that allows a longshoreman the ability to be represented by another Class A, or Class B, longshoreman or clerk?

Does Rich think he can lie his way out of this?

Homey don’t play that!

Homey says, Rich gets another smack with the NLRB sock.

Or for those who prefer PDF; NLRB Charge re dispatcher retaliation

More socks to come, Rich……….